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The Sergeant went softly all over the Indian cabinet and all round the "boudoir;" asking questions
asked Sergeant Cuff, still addressing himself, not to his brother-officer, but to me.
I can't charge my memory, Sergeant," he said, "a mere trifle--a mere trifle.
Sergeant Cuff, after considering a minute, sighed, and shook his head.
That door, Sergeant," he said, "has been painted by Miss Verinder, under my inspection, with my help, and in a vehicle of my own composition.
To-day is Friday," said Sergeant Cuff, addressing himself to Superintendent Seegrave.
Having settled the question of the paint, Sergeant Cuff, from that moment, gave his brother-officer up as a bad job-- and addressed himself to Mr.
She addressed herself to the Sergeant, without appearing to notice
To this effect the sergeant and the nearest men were speaking under their breath, when Joe and I came up.
The sergeant ran in first, when we had run the noise quite down, and two of his men ran in close upon him.
panted the sergeant, struggling at the bottom of a ditch.
Water was splashing, and mud was flying, and oaths were being sworn, and blows were being struck, when some more men went down into the ditch to help the sergeant, and dragged out, separately, my convict and the other one.
You are expected on board," said the sergeant to my convict; "they know you are coming.
There was a guard in the hut, and they challenged, and the sergeant answered.
You can say what you like," returned the sergeant, standing coolly looking at him with his arms folded, "but you have no call to say it here.