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  • verb

Synonyms for sequestrate

to put into solitude

Synonyms for sequestrate

keep away from others

set apart from others

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When the NUM decided in 1984 to strike over the closure of 20 pits, it and the National Coal Board had been secretly stockpiling coal and was prepared to make full use of new anti-union laws that Parliament had passed, sequestrating its funds later that year.
Al-Naimi said : "The Kingdom is committed to improving energy efficiency, the use of solar and wind energy, sequestrating and storing carbon, especially for use in improving oil extraction, and the transition from liquid fuel to gas, and promotion of research and development in the field of clean energy''.
Common trees have almost 350 million years of experience in sequestrating carbon.
Nearly a quarter of the northern hemisphere's land surface is permafrost, sequestrating an estimated 1,700 billion tonnes of carbon gas from vegetation that died millions of years ago.
Protracted talks between the two sides failed to agree on transit fees, sparking unilateral actions that saw Khartoum sequestrating Southern oil and Juba suspending production of the commodity which is lifeline of both economies.