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  • verb

Synonyms for sequestrate

to put into solitude

Synonyms for sequestrate

keep away from others

set apart from others

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Nearly a quarter of the northern hemisphere's land surface is permafrost, sequestrating an estimated 1,700 billion tonnes of carbon gas from vegetation that died millions of years ago.
Protracted talks between the two sides failed to agree on transit fees, sparking unilateral actions that saw Khartoum sequestrating Southern oil and Juba suspending production of the commodity which is lifeline of both economies.
The deputy concluded saying that Nahas wants to gain control of OGERO's financial and administrative autonomy by sequestrating money - same as he did with telecom organizing board.
The company is capturing and sequestrating the carbon dioxide emissions in the smelter, which creates carbon credits, whereas currently elsewhere all the carbon monoxide from the ferrochrome smelters is flared to carbon dioxide and released into the atmosphere.
The union's deputy policy director Rhian Nowell-Phillips said: "Glastir is missing the opportunity to make a real difference to climate change because it ignores the opportunities for sequestrating carbon from managed grazing and concentrates on tree planting.