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Synonyms for sequestrate

to put into solitude

Synonyms for sequestrate

keep away from others

set apart from others

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Lumbar magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of the patient revealed a sequestrated disc at the L4-5 level (Figure 1a).
They also sequestrated union funds and altered union laws and benefits to starve the miners back to work.
Contrast enhanced Computed Topography(CT scan) revealed a large, well defined, left lower lobe multi-loculated cystic mass with a vessel arising from the descending aorta supplying sequestrated lung portion.
However, due to the special anatomical and functional characteristics of the high lumbar spine, selection of the appropriate surgical treatment strategy is difficult, especially when the disc herniation is highly migrated and sequestrated (i.e., located beneath the pars interarticularis medial to the pedicle).
Prosecutor Alan Mackay said there would be no bid to claw back cash using proceeds of crime rules as Farley is sequestrated.
In some cases, spontaneous regression of herniated lumbar disc, protruded, extruded, or sequestrated, can be seen.
However, the differential diagnosis included other space-occupying lesions such as a sequestrated lumbar disc, complicated synovial cyst, hematoma, and malignant lymphoma.
Union funds can be - and are - sequestrated (stolen) by the courts.
Reserved sectors turn out not to be businesses of strategic value to the Zimbabwean state or linked to the country's security, but more or less anything worth any money that can be sequestrated without the economy immediately falling apart.
Sequestrated disc accounts for 28.6% of all symptomatic disc herniations.1 Most of the ruptured (sequestrated) disc fragments migrate within the spinal canal in cranial, caudal and lateral directions.2-6 Dorsal extradural sequestration of disc herniation is very rare.1,7
However, there was a need to conduct scientific research first and study how much carbon could be sequestrated by the floating mangroves.
She alleges the three women and six men were "improperly influenced and not adequately sequestrated for the duration of the trial".
Also it is important to know that a part of Pebbly and Cable coarse particles existing in the coast are in fact shell pieces (mainly....) which although are big in size, due to less weight they get transferred from the sea to the coast by waves and currents and also are sequestrated [14].
The indigenous inhabitants were treated as second class, and their countries' natural resources were sequestrated.
The mentioned companies sequestrated aircraft of Iraq Air Ways.