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Synonyms for sequential

following one after another in an orderly pattern

Synonyms for sequential

in regular succession without gaps

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Phytotoxicity of glyphosate under glasshouse conditions: Effects of sequential applicationof slashing and glyphosate on stolon length, node production, sprouting of nodes and stolon production of drought grass are presented in Table 1.
With the Roche kits, the degree of dispersion in the TSH reference interval was slightly lower in the nonsequential group than in the sequential group during T1 [Figure 2]c, P < 0.
The optimal series of reservation prices displays a downward trend, consistent with the so-called "declining price anomaly" observed in transaction prices in sequential auctions.
70% of average loans in the sequential quarter and 0.
In [Ching-Yao Wang 2001] an algorithm is proposed to maintain sequential patterns while some records are deleted from the database.
The structure of the sequential MCS game suggests ex ante that concerns about fairness and reciprocity will push play away from the subgame perfect equilibrium.
SEQUENTIAL is at the Corke Gallery, from March 3-19.
In a recent assessment of 15 trials, mean eradication rates were 93% with sequential therapy and less than 95% with concomitant therapy (Gut e-pub June 4, 2010), both of which are grade B results, he noted.
We questioned whether prolonging the treatment duration of sequential therapy or continuing the amoxicillin throughout the treatment course might increase the eradication rate," he said.
Some ObGyns prescribe continuous progestin in this setting; others, sequential progestin (e.
SAN FRANCISCO -- Combination docetaxel and carboplatin therapy significantly improved progression-free survival among women with recurrent platinum-sensitive ovarian cancer, compared with sequential therapy in a randomized trial of 150 patients.
Basic rules for injection molding design are well developed in different research articles and literature since the 80s (1), (2), and the computer aided engineering (CAE) changed the traditional sequential development method to a concurrent one where all the actors involved are working together from the beginning of the project (3).
It has a sequential read speeds of up to 220MB/s and sequential write speeds of up to 135MB/s respectively for its X64 and X32 while X128 has sequential read and write speeds of up to 240MB/s and 170MB/s.
A new line of control systems combines hot-runner temperature control and sequential valve-gate control in one enclosure with one interface and setup menu.
Withal sequential pattern analysis is used to identify frequently observed sequential occurrence of items across ordered transactions over time.
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