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Synonyms for sequent

Synonyms for sequent

in regular succession without gaps

following or accompanying as a consequence

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O'Brien, executive vice president and chief financial officer of AGL Resources and chief executive officer of Sequent.
Sequent systems are used for intensive, mission-critical transactions, requiring fast, effective, pro-active customer support no matter where a customer is located," said Robert Brooks, vice president, worldwide customer services at Sequent.
As such, there can be no assurance that Sequent and the other two companies will enter into a definitive agreement with Global ePoint, or that the merger will be consummated.
The Sequent Token Service Platform is a full-service suite with all modules needed to digitize card data: tokenization, card data prep and trust authority.
We are thrilled to have Lance's leadership and experience in delivering the Sequent platform to leading mobile network operators, device manufacturers, card issuers, and merchants worldwide.
Buying Sequent would be a neat way for IBM to quickly extend its growing commitment to the business of building high-end Intel servers running Unix or NT.
Partnering with statewide organizations such as Columbus2020, The Columbus Chamber, Dublin Entrepreneurial Center and Team NEO in Cleveland, Sequent will be a knowledgeable and convenient resource for regional companies looking to expand into Europe.
Founded only five years ago, Sequent has deployed commercial mobile payment systems for major global banks and mobile phone operators on four continents.
Sequent understands that it takes a holistic approach to successfully implement and integrate a talent management system and process," said Beth Thomas, managing director and executive vice president of Sequent Consulting.
Sequent, with over 20 years of expertise helping businesses navigate the complex issues of being an employer, and BizXpand, with consulting services targeted to the high tech market, are excited to form this strategic partnership.
To better align the efforts of the IBM Corp-led IA-64 Monterey Unix project, the Santa Cruz Operation Inc and Sequent Computer Systems Inc will implement AIX APIs in their respective Unix operating systems by year-end giving customers an AIX look and feel, although not the actual ability to run AIX programs.
The AGL Resources subsidiaries under state approved asset management agreements work closely with Sequent Energy Management, another AGL Resources company, to buy and store natural gas.
24, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Sequent Software, the world's leading provider of digital issuance and mobile wallet platform-as-a-service, was recognized by Ovum as the provider of one of the most innovative mobile wallet platforms on the market and a sure shortlist supplier for any company looking to deploy a mobile wallet globally.
Sequent Computer Systems Inc met with Wall Street analysts in New York at the end of last week hoping to demonstrate its recovery from recent financial ailments and that it is on the straight and narrow.