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Synonyms for sequent

Synonyms for sequent

in regular succession without gaps

following or accompanying as a consequence

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This expansion of our Sequent partnership helps VERITAS Software continue to propagate its products into the UNIX and NT markets, furthering its position as the industry standard in storage management," said Steve Colman, vice president of OEM operations, VERITAS Software.
Currently, the only way to build servers with more than eight processors is through clustering or the ccNUMA distributed shared memory technology offered by Sequent and a handful of others.
FLEX-ES will allow Sequent to leverage this expertise into the IBM S/390 marketplace.
Also, the UNIX-based operating system, which Sequent uses, is becoming standard, and parallel processing "will become a standard mid-range architecture for systems shipped in the 90s.
Founded in 1995, Sequent provides services that help businesses take care of their people.
The collaboration between Cornerstone OnDemand and Sequent presents a high value proposition for organizations determined to quickly and efficiently implement a strategic talent management system," said CEO of Cornerstone OnDemand, Adam Miller.
At Sequent since 2003, Tumminello managed the asset management agreements of AGL Resources' utilities and was in charge of Sequent's asset management and origination services for other local distribution companies, municipal utilities, power generators, industrial customers and retail marketers in the eastern United States.
Staff conducted a thorough audit of Sequent and VNG's asset management program," Linginfelter added.
A key feature for the Sequent Solution is the wireless, hands free video transfer capability that provides the tamper-proof evidence that substantiates law enforcement legal cases.
Schantz will provide an overview of AGL Resources' and Sequent Energy Management's strategies and financial performance.
Chattanooga Gas, a subsidiary of Atlanta-based AGL Resources (NYSE: ATG), announced today that its Asset Management Plan, managed by Sequent Energy Management, another AGL Resources company, saved Chattanooga Gas customers $1.
Currently consisting of business units Perpetual Digital and Sequent Technology, the Digital Technology Division's products are making analog tape-based systems obsolete by providing digital technology products to enable the real-time capture, playback, communication, and computer-based archive, search and recall of high-quality digital video.
HOUSTON -- Sequent Energy Management, the wholesale marketing and asset optimization arm of AGL Resources Inc.
com), a leading provider of energy and financial trading, risk management, and operations software solutions, today announced that Sequent Energy Management ("Sequent") has chosen Endur and gMotion to support their natural gas transactions, including deal capture, market and credit risk management, settlement functions, and scheduling activities.