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(chemistry) an apparatus that can determine the sequence of monomers in a polymer

computer hardware that sorts data or programs into a predetermined sequence

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Furnishing And Installation Of AMassively Parallel Sequencer System And A Second
Current large and small sequencers are described as well as companies developing them.
The Waters Equipment Multi-Stream Sequencer, with its rugged design and IP 65 enclosure, is designed specifically for use in power plants and offers features that are not normally available in other commercially available sequencers, such as accommodating up to eight incoming sample streams and up to four analyzers in both continuous and batch mode.
Unamplified Cap Analysis of Gene Expression on a single molecule sequencer.
Since the first genome sequencer was installed in March this year, inqaba biotec had sequenced the genome of a plant pathogenic bacterium and at the time of writing had mycoplasma, thermophilic bacterial and a viral (veterinary) genome lined up.
The Genome Sequencer 20 System enables one individual to prepare and sequence an entire genome, regardless of size.
Besides its potential as a DNA sequencer, Wickramasinghe says, the electrified AFM tip could also be a "nano inkjet printer.
A triple-redundant digital sequencer senses the right speed and altitude and then deploys a parachute, contained within the ejection seat.
The eTag reporters are identified by capillary electrophoresis using a capillary-based DNA sequencer.
It's one guy, a sequencer, and a new breed of kung-fu which tackles the imperial system of measurement (you know-rods, gills, hogs' heads); promises to work out more if Enya will take him ("There's only one word difference in 'new age' and 'new wave'"); and tackles the use of derogatory Native American sports team names by turning the argument on its ear.
The 3100 Genetic Analyzer also provides a capillary-based alternative to the ABI PRISM(R) 377 DNA Sequencer, the slab-gel-based system that has become a standard research platform in academic and commercial laboratories worldwide.
Ground launch sequencer is given a go for automatic sequence start.
During off-hours or at other times when the members of a particular physician office are are unavailable, special or "night" messages can be used in the sequencer.
The value of DNA sequencer market in 2012 is described with estimates for 2017 and 2022.
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