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any abnormality following or resulting from a disease or injury or treatment

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Furthermore, survivors attended the clinic up to 464 days after EVD discharge with the sole complaint or musculoskeletal pain, providing evidence of the persistence of this sequela >1 year after EVD discharge.
Vistas por nosotros, las vidas de los leones inevitablemente adquieren un caracter dramatico, como ocurrio con la muerte de Sequela, narrada por un hombre que ha pasado gran parte de su vida estudiando a estos animales con la mirada objetiva de un cientifico.
Hairy Panter Syndrome, an FMD sequela less taught in Veterinary Schools as well as farmer trainings of Pakistan because of a trend of negligible follow-up in this field and urge of farmer that the vet must cure his animal on his first visit with 3 or 4 injections and secretly formulated electuary and never come back again until the disease appears again or animal gets on the verge of death.
Sequela is available online in paperback through Amazon and Barnes and Noble and at www.
Children with severe neurological sequela were evaluated by a pediatric neurologist and necessary referrals were done (physical therapy, special education).
it would represent a feature of the trauma and not a sequela resulting from it.
The footnote stated that high blood sugar, which is a symptom of diabetes, can lead to other medical problems--which would be covered by the plan because those problems are a sequela, or result, of those symptoms.
Sequela is an educational card and board game designed to help children learn multiplication facts while working with the patterns of factors and multiples.
Yet much of our knowledge about the incidence of pathogens or toxins in foods, dose responses, the incidence of acute foodborne illness, the incidence of chronic sequela and the cost of foodborne illness is qualitative, or the estimates are controversial.