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Synonyms for septet

the cardinal number that is the sum of six and one

seven performers or singers who perform together

a set of seven similar things considered as a unit


Related Words

seven people considered as a unit

a musical composition written for seven performers

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The Julian Bliss Jazz Septet The versatile clarinettist makes his second appearance at the festival, this time with his jazz septet to journey through the rich world of Latin American music.
Two works by Ludwig van Beethoven - "Eyeglass Duo Obligato" for viola and cello and Septet in E-flat Major for violin, clarinet, bassoon, French horn, viola, cello and double bass.
Of the three works under discussion, Septet 2 was the most evocatively feminine.
It analyzes academic pieces like the Missa Brevis, Das Lied von der Liebe, and the Sonata for clarinet and piano, as well as jazz works like Blue Brazil, Neurasia, and Cearta, chamber jazz works like Toccata for piano and jazz septet, and symphonic jazz pieces, including the Double Concerto for piano, tenor saxophone, symphonic orchestra and big band.
According to The Independent, Ryan Giggs, Nicky Butt, Paul Scholes and the Neville brothers, Gary and Phil, are believed to be involved in the talks and the septet will front a bid that would come with significant financial backing from the Middle East.
Marco Fu and Ryan Day are 9-1 shots with Dominic Dale 16-1 outsider of the septet.
Before they jet off to perform their final dates in Australia, the septet are stopping off at London's Hammersmith Apollo for one night only.
PICTURE : Jayan Orma By Salman Siddiqui/Staff Reporter The Septet A large number of classical music fans turned up at the Museum of Islamic Art yesterday to attend a free concert given by Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra, which performed Beethoven's popular music piece .
Before long, Netanyahu had turned his inner security septet into an octet to make room for him.
What: A Tribute to Herbie Hancock featuring The Yisrael Septet -The Neo Jazz School of Music presents its second fundraising installment with a Tribute to Herbie Hancock.
In the video clips, you can see Merce lifting the celestial Carolyn Brown in a sustained float in Septet, or the eerie mix of dancers and motion-capture figures in BIPED, or the humorous partnering of Pond Way.
The septet faces four counts of fraud and two counts of money laundering amounting to R949 175,11.
After a Black Friday when 14 out of the 21 participating Scots missed the cut, the remaining septet restored the morale of the patriotic crowds on a Sensational Saturday.
A Boston septet combining jump blues, New Orleans R&B, and early rock 'n' roll.
Compensating for the absence of band's bassist, Ibrahim Badr (currently studying abroad), was a string septet, which accompanied the band through all their hits and added a host of classical introductions to Mashrou3 Leila's otherwise more contemporary Arabic rock.