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of or relating to a septum


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In addition, a complete longitudinal septate was also identified in the vagina.
Los terminos utilizados fueron: arbuscular, vesicular, mycorrhiza, dark septate fungi, Mucoromycotina y endophyte en combinacion con las entradas: Pteridophyta, fern, fern allie, gametophyte, sporophyte y cada uno de los generos de helechos incluidos en Smith et al.
Septate uterus was the most common intrauterine abnormality in our study, which was undiagnosed by prior ultrasonography.
Three-dimensional sonography in the differential diagnosis of interstitial, angular, and intrauterine pregnancies in a septate uterus.
The presence of sclerotic body, septate hyphae, intracellular wall in the spores, and the vegetable cells confirmed that the chromoblastomycosis infection occurred following inoculation of contaminated wood particle.
Keywords: Dark septate endophyte; Drought stress; Sorghum; Photosynthesis; Secondary metabolites
Neither tight, septate, nor gap junctions are evident, leaving only the adherens junction to control the permeability of the epithelium.
In this case, a KOH preparation of skin scrapings identified septate hyphae, which supported our diagnosis of tinea corporis.
Uterine rupture in a nulliparous woman with septate uterus of the second trimester pregnancy and review in literature.
Hyphae has two types, septate and non-septate hyphae.
has been described as a dark septate endophyte and wood-decaying fungus (Saikkonen 2007, Tian et al.
A nasal swab taken from both nostrils and smear stained with Leishman stain yielded long uniform and septate hyphae of fungus and was confirmed as nasal aspergillosis.
Type 1 is subdivided into V-shaped, Y- shaped or septate types.
The fully developed colonies were flat and grey coloured, having dark brown, septate, branched mycelium.
Many workers have relied on the present of septa in libriform fibers (which are then termed septate fibers) as evidence that libriform fibers have prolonged longevity.