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ritual suicide by self-disembowelment on a sword

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Even though seppuku was not enforced, indeed technically illegal in certain situations, its practice was nonetheless applauded by wider society.
In contrast to naturalism, Dullin argued, realism goes to the extreme, pushes farther, and goes higher; it is the realism that manifests itself in the meticulousness of an actor of the Far East making hara-kiri (or seppuku)-, in the subtle and precise death of Cleopatra; or in the Greek comedy of Aristophanes--all admirable examples that Dullin considered representative of the art of transposition.
At first, seppuku, ritual suicide, is suspected; then, murder.
She bravely puts herself in danger in a foreign land, at Taiko's court, confronting this leader and willingly making a demonstration and show of her defiance and potentially imminent seppuku only to prove a point.
Anti-Japanese rhetoric is on the upswing when the LAPD is handed a political hot potato: the murder (or is it?) of a Japanese family, by the traditional samurai disembowelment ritual called seppuku. Many of the characters from the initial L.A.
Ancient Japanese warriors would disembowel themselves (Seppuku) if they failed their country or troops, while today ministers and chief executives alike step down if they've made a big mistake or cannot handle their jobs appropriately.
And if he fails in this task, Saito will be obligated to commit ritual suicide (seppuku, or "hara-kiri").
And when honor was compromised, a samurai warrior could right matters by committing seppuku, or ritual suicide.
It is not a socially sanctioned and compulsory act of Seppuku en masse.
Disgraced samurai put on flowing white robes to commit seppuku (i.e.
Keanu Reeves coasts through this epicSamurai adventure but does the film need to commit seppuku (hara-kiri), or doesit deserve the honour of wearing Samurai armour?47 Ronin looked every bit like the epiceastern fantasy flick I've been waiting for since Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragonor Hero.
IF I HEAR OR READ one more American hack mentioning the word democracy where Egypt and the Middle East are concerned, I swear on Joe Biden's hair-implanted head that I shall go in front of the Capitol and commit seppuku, the Japanese warrior's way of leaving this life.
Beyond the significant question of how to "render visible the mechanism through which the "Third World" is made "recognizable" and "assimilable" to a first world audience" (Suzack 147) which Yvonne Vera's story obviously raises, there is the other equally important challenge of how female subjectivity is enacted in the novel, and how Phephelaphi's tragedy is made visible by both the narrative act and by the blinding act of the self-willed seppuku. Yvonne Vera's explorations--her questioning of the colonial situation, and the ways in which this condition affects her femininity approximates the conditions so admirably conveyed in Spivak's figuration of the subaltern figure.