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ritual suicide by self-disembowelment on a sword

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Tokugawa Ieyasu's own son was forced to commit seppuku (suicide) for failing his then lord Oda Nobunaga which partly inspired his reasons for abolishing the practice.
Beyond the significant question of how to "render visible the mechanism through which the "Third World" is made "recognizable" and "assimilable" to a first world audience" (Suzack 147) which Yvonne Vera's story obviously raises, there is the other equally important challenge of how female subjectivity is enacted in the novel, and how Phephelaphi's tragedy is made visible by both the narrative act and by the blinding act of the self-willed seppuku.
Racette, who made no bones about coming out to the opera world in 2002, is so committed to authenticity that for her signature role, Cio-Cio San in Maclama Butterfly, in which the final scene requires her to commit suicide, she traveled to Japan and studied the ritual of seppuku with Samurai.
While Carter was in Japan, the novelist Yukio Mishima, who was thrice considered for the Nobel Prize for literature, committed seppuku (ritual disembowelment and decapitation) after a failed coup at the headquarters of Japan's Self Defense Force with his private militia of young male supporters.
Telling in this regard is that, having drawn attention to Mishima's suicide, which his text, carefully parsed, never disavows, Mohr does not stop to consider that it may have been precisely the perfect illustration of how one exercises the right to sexual autonomy he touts "not to live but to die one's life" (402): seppuku as sexual suicide.
Por otro lado, cualquier persona medianamente informada sabria que la decapitacion es algo propio de Mexico, asi como un mexicano sabria que en Japon la gente puede hacerse seppuku [como llaman los japoneses ortodoxamente al barakiri].
Ironically, the BJP has followed a sequence where whenever they have the Congress on the ropes and ready to rain in crippling blows, they manage to commit seppuku.
2) Le suicide au Japon, ancestralement ritualise par la pratique du seppuku, est extremement frequent et ne souffre d'aucun tabou religieux.
An extension of helmer Koji Wakamatsu's ongoing examination of political extremism in Japan, "11/25 The Day Mishima Chose His Own Fate" reps an attempt to understand the ultra-nationalist ideology that prompted novelist Yukio Mishima's failed coup and subsequent seppuku in 1970.
Senior Army leaders will threaten to commit seppuku in protest at being reduced to a corporal's guard.
Thus evoking and alluding to post-World War II Japan, "honor," seppuku, or ritual death by disembowelment, and suicide in general, the story plays on the readers' stereotypes relating to Japan and "Japaneseness," and more particularly the expectation that suicide, one of the most common tropes frequently associated with Japanese culture, will play a prominent role in this tale too.
He committed seppuku (suicide by falling on a sword) when his words did not move the SDF soldiers.
When he investigates, he finds that Hirano, the ronin next door, has tried to commit seppuku.