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rich brown pigment prepared from the ink of cuttlefishes

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type genus of the Sepiidae

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We expect more such organizations of Pakistan to make the move as well, either to Google Cloud or Microsoft, and when they do, Sepia Solutions will be here to help," he added.
Despite the high economic and commercial importance of Sepia pharaonis, little is known about the phylogeography and population genetics of this species (Anderson et al.
That's it for the "MasterChef Australia" 6 recap of episode 58 which featured the final MasterClass and the Sepia Restaurant Pressure Test that eliminated Jamie Fleming.
Current status: Sepia (Rhombosepion) acuminata Smith, 1916 (Sweeney & Roper 1998: 566).
Considering that PDCA is a marker of the DHI units while PTCA indicates the DHICA-derived units in eumelanin, the alkaline H2O2 oxidation proves useful in elucidating the structure of sepia melanin (24).
Sepia photographs of course normally show scenes from the 19th Century when golf and photography were in their infancy.
Online skincare retailer Sepia Skincare has officially launched its website.
Kimani Press is the new home of the Arabesque, Sepia and New Spirit imprints at Harlequin Enterprises, the leading publisher of romance novels in the world.
In warm sepia colour tones, the non-transparent glass elements between the windows, which are up to 4m high, have amphora, column and garland motifs which blend with more tranquil rustic plaster and cornice elements to form a harmonious overall composition.
The two blends that they're currently working with are Cafe Sepia House Blend and Cafe Sepia Mocha.
Consider Sepia first, especially for mothers who show no interest in the babies.
The story is full of historical and cultural ambiance and leaves the reader wanting to know more about the characters, who continue their lives in the next Allende novel, Portrait in Sepia.
In contrast, when gifted students are grouped with non-gifted students, a sepia (blackening) effect may operate.
From hand coloring black and white or sepia images to building collages, using filters, and blending text and images, color images are used as examples of technique.