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a punctuation mark (/) used to separate related items of information

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(2) Under the condition with actuation error, [[sigma].sub.c] = 0.2157 m is the separatrix. When [[sigma].sub.c] > 0.2157 m, [mathematical expression not reproducible] remains at a low level with [mathematical expression not reproducible] < 0.5.
The line [z.sub.0] + t[upsilon] is the tangent to the separatrix of the hyperbolic region of the saddle-node.
Equation of separatrix, dividing the field of the system into two areas: the area occupied by electric flux directed from the corona wire to the one of plane electrodes and the area of the flux between plane electrodes was constructed in [8].
By Melnikov analysis, we estimate the condition for transverse intersection and chaotic separatrix motion as follows:
Generally, the time-aperiodic solution can be regarded as a homoclinic or separatrix trajectory in the infinite-dimension phase space of the solutions for (1) with periodic boundary conditions in space.
Then by Dulac's criteria, the system (3) admits no limit cycles or separatrix cycles.
And so a notion of the real--which Rosalind Krauss, writing at the time, called "sensuous immediacy" and Dan Graham, speaking of his own pavilions, referred to as the "actual"--became the primary art/architectural separatrix of the era and in fact still haunts the production and reception of pavilions today.
The gap between the separatrix and filaments defining the coils is everywhere bigger than 140 cm, and there is access for maintenance through ports between the coils (14).
Four starting conditions were integrated for each of the 1:2, 1:1, 3:2, 2:1, and 5:2 spin-orbit resonances in order to illustrate motion inside, at the separatrix, and on either side of each resonance.
Current drive experiments in FRCs using formation by quasi-steady rotating magnetic fields (RMF) are very different from standard theta-pinch formed FRCs, tending to have a large ratio of the plasma separatrix to flux conserver radii, low separatrix density, a flattened Bx profile near the field null, and a contribution to the pressure balance from B(theta).
ionospheric plasma flow through the magnetic separatrix times the
The repeller is also a separatrix, which is the point that separates the two basins of attraction associated with the two attractors.
The middle trajectory (separatrix) shows no change in [P.sub.u], which occurs when [P.sub.u] = [F.sub.s].