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Synonyms for separatist

a person who dissents from the doctrine of an established church

Synonyms for separatist

an advocate of secession or separation from a larger group (such as an established church or a national union)

having separated or advocating separation from another entity or policy or attitude

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An editorial in The Nation has criticized this reported overture by China with Baloch separatists with the objective of protecting its multi-billion projects, saying that if true, it is a matter of concern on many levels.
The UAE -- a pillar of the coalition -- has close ties to separatist leader Hani bin Breik while its "security belt" force backs the STC.
Esquerra and Junts per Catalunya, along with a smaller separatist party, have not yet agreed on a coalition.
Rajoy is calling on Catalan voters to defeat Puigdemont and the other separatist politicians who have governed Catalonia since 2015 but have threatened to break up Spain by holding an illegal independence referendum on October 1.
The emails pointed to Russian involvement with separatists in eastern Ukraine.
The report also includes specific separatist-held locations in which Ukraine says Russian and separatist heavy weapons, including tanks and heavy artillery, are being kept in violation of the ceasefire agreement, and notes that Ukrainian military observers have documented 60 drone flights by Russian and separatist aerial vehicles between June 12 and 14 alone.
KIEV Tue Aug 5, 2014(Reuters) - Ukrainian government forces, backed by warplanes, kept up a military offensive to claw back lost territory from pro-Russian separatists on Tuesday while casting a nervous eye at Russian military exercises over the border.
In another conversation, a separatist at the crash site said, "These are Chernukhin folks who shot down the plane.
The separatist is a separatist and as we have often seen, they are prepared to use violence to realize their goals.
Witnesses said they saw troops capture at least four separatist fighters.
Local separatist leader Vyacheslav Ponomarev, who calls himself the "people's mayor," has confirmed that Ostrovsky is in his custody.
The town of Daleh, north of the port city of Aden, is a separatist bastion where civilians have suffered in fighting between militants and the army.
There are two forces currently in action to disrupt election process in Balochistan -- one is the hardcore separatist movement and the other is the sectarian outfit allied with Pakistani Taliban.
TheSouthern Separatist Movement(Hirak) andAl-Qaedain the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) remain behind most of the unrest; but neither is party to the dialogue, nor does either have any interest in preserving the country's unity.
This source features essays on 59 political separatist movements throughout the world.