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Synonyms for sententious

abounding in or given to pompous or aphoristic moralizing

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concise and full of meaning


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What viewers might mistake as von Trier's sententious denunciation of women may actually reflect his dismissal of traditional moral categories, which he utilizes, somewhat ambiguously, in the form of a familiar thematic trope--namely, the conflict between society and the individual, or, what he refigures as, the conflict between social identity and the body.
This economistic attitude fosters the suspicion that civic language is just a sententious name for one's own interests and the views one happens to hold.
This outstanding metaphorical quality of the African languages had been underlined in the nineteenth century already by French missionary, Eugene Casalis (307): "The language (Sesotho), from its energetic precision, is admirably adapted to the sententious style, and the element of metaphor has entered so abundantly into its composition, that one can hardly speak it without unconsciously acquiring the habit of expressing one's thoughts in a figurative manner.
This simplicity is summed up in a sententious remark by the painter himself, that he sought out 'the essence of things'.
It was in that miraculous year of our Lord, 1896, and whoever could get possession of a printing press in the United States was helping to burden the news-stands with monthly rubbish, filled with cheap satire and sententious pretension.
Lynne Truss notes that "until the beginning of the eighteenth century, quotation marks were used in England only to call attention to sententious remarks" and it was only then that writers began "using them to denote direct speech" (Truss 2004, 150-51).
In The Murderers are among Us, Staudte makes use of sententious and didactic passages at strategic points throughout the dialogue.
The language is formal and sententious throughout, the couplets similar in their syntax and rhetorical structure.
There is the school of criticism, inspired by the groundbreaking work of John Barrell, that celebrates Clare for his unique perspective on the rural world, a perspective characterized by a turn away from the sententious generalization and abstraction of eighteenth-century loco-descriptive poetry to focus instead on the local and the particular.
Three approaches to uncovering and coding thematic statements in the text were used including: (1) the holistic or sententious approach: all transcripts were reviewed; statements were created to capture the fundamental meaning or main significance of all transcripts as a whole; (2) the selective or highlighting approach: sections of the transcripts were read several times; statements that were viewed as particularly essential or revealing about the phenomenon were selected; (3) the detailed or line-byline approach: single sentences were scrutinized to elucidate what they revealed about the phenomenon of interest.
The end of the school year always brings out the sententious side in me.
Gail Hightower--the apostate preacher whose Civil War fantasies wreck his marriage and career and life, leaving him marginalized, sententious, paralyzed, and aware--moves from living-dead pariah to baby- delivering doctor, from reader of Tennyson to reader of Henry IV, from man who desperately seeks sanctuary, believing he has paid the ticket, bought immunity (490), into an encounter with the vitality of the earth.
However, it may be proposed that such associations may be better left to the reader to make in his or her own act of enriching the text through lending meaning to meaning, rather than, and here particularly, in an apparent sententious and peremptory imposition.
Collins ("'The death of your daughter would have been a blessing in comparison of this'" [327]])--and the sententious Mary Bennet ("'loss of virtue in a female is irretrievable'"; "'We must.