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In contrast to ETOL systems, where each step replaces every symbol in the sentential form, indexed grammars transform only one atom per step.
Moreover, we examine the impact that the semantic structure of the adjective and the animacy of the sentential subject have on children's ability to associate generic v.
Howell, apparently taking at face value (P), agrees that the first sentential occurrence of the proper name Sherlock Holies introduces a new fictional character into Doyle's novel A Study in Scarlet.
Unsupervised similarity-based word sense disambiguation using contextvectors and sentential word importance.
However, the analysis could not reveal how visual attention was used for formulation of different sentential constituents.
I am not sure Moshavi could have approached the issue any differently, so it is certainly not an indictment of her scholarly work as much as an observation of an inherent problem with assessing the pragmatics of sentential word order in ancient texts.
where 'p' serves as a sentential variable that can be replaced by any declarative (English) sentence, and where the angle brackets, '<' and '>', serve as a device for nominalizing any sentence that goes in for 'p', as Sellars reads '<->', it is to be understood as capturing logical equivalence or, as Sellars puts it, "reciprocal entailment".
Sentential complement sentences are complex sentences consisting of a main clause, into which is inserted another sentence (or complement clause), which acts as the grammatical object of the main clause.
be the result of enriching L with the sentential operator "[?
Since numerous referential schemes are likely to prove compatible with a given set of sentential truth ascriptions (think about rabbits and rabbit parts and accommodating changes in one's individuative apparatus), we need not, on this view, be realists about the objects posited by our theories.
lexical, phrasal and sentential, whereby the featural architecture of the single wh-word represented in (2) is recursively embedded in the aforementioned levels.
As Loureiro Porto points out, not only is tharf inclined to sentential themes, particularly bare infinitives (including passive ones), unlike betharf, for which NPs are the preferred theme, but also to nominative experiencers, two clear signs of auxiliarization.
The text construction tasks were to identify the target sentence from the multiple choices, pairs of lexical cohesion and their corresponding type, and finally the sentential relation.
Sentential elements can as well be used by writers to achieve cohesion in discourse.