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the grammatical arrangement of words in sentences

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Users may also view a report that analyzes elements of sentence structure, usage, and mechanics in the essay and highlights potential errors in these areas.
It covers grammar aspects from sentence structure to its components and verb tenses.
Section Two, on the mechanics of report writing, covers conventions of the English language in depth, with chapters on grammar, sentence structure, punctuation, spelling, and avoiding sexism and racism.
Readers then go through the content of each test (for example, understanding parts of speech and checking sentence structure for English), work though sample questions and review correct answers.
Via the Internet, customers can search the knowledge base using a state-of-the-art search engine, which allows users to enter their questions in a sentence structure, and drill down to the most likely answer.
He believes that when children learn to tell stories they develop better vocabulary, good sentence structure and become better writers.
They cover basic sentence structure and grammatical categories; transitivity; topic and subject; toritate: focusing and defocusing of words, phrases, and clauses; the layered structure of the sentence; functional syntax; locative alternation; nominalization; the morphosyntax of grammaticalization in Japanese; modality; the passive voice; case marking; interfacing syntax with sounds and meanings; subject; numerical quantifiers; relative clauses; expressions that contain negation; ga/no conversion; ellipsis; syntax and argument structure; and scrambling.
Dhruv Batra, a visiting Facebook AI research scientist from Georgia Tech, told Fast Company that for the AI agents, there wasn't any guidance to stick to typical English sentence structure, so they made up the difference on their own.
WP1 uses grammaticality judgment and elicited production paradigms developed by the PI to investigate the acquisition of basic transitive and intransitive sentence structure (e.
This book provided me with a way to show the students how authors use sentence structure for effect and also, how they use literary concepts like contrast, imagery, juxtaposition and foreshadowing.
I first met him when I took his workshop Sentence Structure and Patterns at the annual conference in Atlanta in 1993.
This case shows that the sentence structure is quite rigid and judges have to work within it.
The physical appearance of these books along with very simplistic sentence structure makes them a good introduction to women's history for below-level readers or English language learner students.
If you need a formula to teach writing skills and have students effectively work on forming good, cohesive sentence structure, this book has some great ideas worth noting.
Results obtained in the 12 sentence structure types in the comprehension subtest were transformed into four general categories that orthogonally combined two factors, as shown in Table 1.