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Synonyms for send




send for someone


send for something

send someone down


send something off

send something out: dispatch

send something out: emit

send something out: produce

Synonyms for send

to cause (something) to be conveyed to a destination

to direct or allow to leave


to direct (a person) elsewhere for help or information

to move or excite greatly

send for: to demand to appear, come, or assemble

send forth: to discharge material, as vapor or fumes, usually suddenly and violently

send up: to place officially in confinement

Synonyms for send

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The department was closed as a precaution and three samples have been sent away for analysis," he said.
He decked Tomas Holmstrom with a stick in the chops as they waited for a mid-ice faceoff, and was sent away for two minutes for unsportsmanlike conduct.
Last year, an Ohio militia enthusiast was arrested after he sent away for and received plague virus from the American Type Culture Collection in Rockville, Md.
Another powder was also seized during the raid on Thursday, December 10, and was sent away for testing.
He told Perth sheriff court the aircraft was sent away for repairs and came back "in many, many bits".
The buzzard's insides were sent away for analysis to try to discover what killed it.
But when he sent away for the samples, Butterfield wrote down the wrong order number.
Around 75 tablets were seized by police in a raid on the house and have been sent away for testing.
LONELY: Joyce, five, thought she had been sent away for her temper' MOCKING: Mum
I saved up all those old Alpine milk carton wrappers and sent away for a new baseball once.
Samples of the water have been sent away for analysis amid concerns that the loch has become contaminated by a toxic algae.