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This sixth sense is actually several highly integrated sensory systems, but for the sake of simplicity we will refer to this sensory system as our sense of kinesthesia (Greek: kinema--movement; esthesia--perception/sensing).
There is, however, no morphological study to demonstrate the interactive (competitive or facilitatory) influence of prenatal sensory stimulation of one sensory system over the other sensory system.
Here, a plumb bob shows the pilot's hovering target, but since the waves from the rotor wash are moving I away from the hover point, 1 the pilot moves the helicopter forward to "catch up" with the waves, which the pilot's sensory system interprets as being stationary.
Functional organization of the sensory systems, somatic motor system, visceral motor system and cranial nerves are subjected in the second, third, fourth and fifth sections, respectively.
Rubbing their snouts like Andre is doing is said to overload that sensory system.
Other uses: This oil may help arthritis, indigestion, depression, skin conditions (eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis), food poisoning, headaches, hives, hysteria, inflammation, morning sickness, nerve regeneration, rheumatism, elevate and open sensory system, toothaches, and tuberculosis.
Intelligent" behavior of assembly system is defined and controlled by help of sensory equipment and this information from sensory system processes the "brain" of the intelligent assembly cell--control system.
Synesthesia is an abnormal response from one sensory system when another sensory system is stimulated eg a sound may be "heard" as a colour.
The effectiveness of this sensory system is consciously learned through experiences in which we learn to judge the amount of force necessary for specific tasks.
Perception of food flavors by both taste and smell is achieved by a very ancient sensory system.
The teeth are huge, and that's extremely weird and unusual for an animal's sensory system," Catania says about the "brain's-eye view" illustration (above).
The olfactory sensory system, as one of the oldest systems, has played a leading role in the formation of adaptive reactions and part of the key structures of the brain (the limbic system), of which the integration with other brain structures is provided by over 30 tracts.
At the conscious level, a sensory system operates as an "automatic sorting machine" by classifying objects according to similarities that it notices among their features (p.
Dunlop have developed a sensory system for the road through their tyres.
The author uses the Chopin Prelude in E Minor as an example of how the eight-point sensory system works.