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The CNS receives information about muscle length and changes in length from specialized sensory receptors called muscle spindles located within the muscle.
The title refers to a sensory receptor found in muscles, tendons, and the ear which prevents destabilization, while the composition suggests a three-dimensional version of Piet Mondrian's paintings from the early to mid-1910s, such as Ocean 5, 1915.
This article reviews the neuroscience of the Golgi tendon organ, a type of muscle sensory receptor.
However startling that version of Finding Nemo might be to Homo sapiens audiences, dozens of other species, including plenty of coral-reef fish, shrimp, and shellfish, wouldn't blink a sensory receptor.
The identification of a novel sensory receptor on human sperm, along with compounds that trigger it or block its action, constitute a "landmark event," says Donner F.
Chemists reported that a single sensory receptor on taste buds seems to respond to all sweet and bitter compounds (137: 315).
Enough positive perceptions fed into the sensory receptors and ripples begin to ruffle the opinion narrative.
To capture all the inputs and outputs, we'd need to incorporate the connections to the spinal cord, sensory receptors all over the body and muscle cells too.
Doctor Ronald Brusseau of Boston's Children's Hospital wrote that by week 18, children have developed sensory receptors for pain.
There are sensory receptors on the skin with a somatic sensation, which are very sensitive to pressure and touch stimulation [15].
Other reports of sensory structures in lepidopterans document the distribution, morphology, and number of sensory receptors on the larval maxillae and labia of Heliothis virescens (F.
Bearing references to both sensory receptors and woofers, the erect modular nubs and their steely concave counterparts froze the works in Technicolor anticipation, as if awaiting a transmission that was long overdue.
Two features suggest that bristles may be sensory receptors or structures related to sensory organelles.
On the other hand, a movement induced in the implanted magnet by the external MRD, could provide a perceivable stimulus, conveyed to the brain by means of the peripheral sensory receptors present in the muscle (e.
The contraction itself stimulates the same sensory receptors even further causing the spinal cord to increase the intensity of the contraction further.