sensory nerve

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a nerve that passes impulses from receptors toward or to the central nervous system

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I would then further treat those particular sensory nerves by means of targeting them with a radio frequency with the hope of significant on-going pain relief.
The baseline characteristics including age, gender, body mass index, VAS, BCTQ-SSS, BCTQ-FSS, mMDL, median sensory nerve conduction velocity (mSNCV), median sensory distal latency (mSDL), and positivity of the provocation tests for CTS were similar between the groups (all p>0.
8 CB: conduction block, NA: not avaible, 2nd F-W: second finger-wrist, 5thF-W: fifth finger-wrist, EDB: extansor digitorum brevis, AHB: abductor hallusis brevis, CMAP: Compound muscle action potential, SNAP: Sensory nerve action potential
Once the nerves are exposed, each sensory nerve is divided into three to five rootlets.
Ice massage, ice pack, and cold water immersion reduced sensory nerve conduction velocity (NCV) by 20.
We hypothesized that sensory nerve conduction velocities (SNCVs) of the wing would remain unchanged after brachial plexus nerve block but that the cord dorsum potential (CDP) would decrease, thereby indicating decreased sensory nerve conduction through the brachial plexus.
Sensory nerve action potential amplitude is typically reduced or, depending on severity, may be absent.
My research on the jeans problem also found a piece in the Canadian Medical Association Journal 2003 in which Dr Malvinder S Parmar produced evidence (albeit fairly flimsy evidence, you'd have to say) that wearing tight low-rise jeans may put pressure on a sensory nerve, causing pain in the nerve's area of distribution.
Sensory nerve fibres can detect changes in temperature over a remarkably wide range, a process that has been proposed to involve direct activation of thermosensitive excitatory transient receptor potential (TRP) ion channels.
Those molecules, found on sensory nerve endings, are known as TRPV1 receptors.
On a minor note, as a lower limb block enthusiast, I would have liked to have seen more detail on fascia iliaca blocks and on the use of nerve stimulators in sensory nerve blockade.
Sensory nerve cells connect your sensory organs, such as your eyes, to your brain
Potassium ions penetrate the length of the dentin tubules and prevent repolarization of sensory nerve endings.
Gagne underwent Tommy John surgery on the elbow June 24 of last year, then had surgery to remove the sensory nerve in April.
The product was found to inhibit the depolarization of sensory nerve cells upon stress.