sensory deprivation

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a form of psychological torture inflicted by depriving the victim of all sensory input

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One longstanding opponent of long-term segregation, who also frequently appeared as an expert in suits against control unit prisons, referred to sensory deprivation as "toxic" to brain functioning and a cause of stupor and delirium in segregated prisoners.
The new results suggest that sensory deprivation could be a viable way to train adults with hearing loss to better process sounds coming from cochlear implants, the researchers said.
His lawyers argued that Ghaith answered questions in a state of disorientation, fear, isolation, fatigue and sensory deprivation and claimed his constitutional rights were violated.
Floatation tanks, also called isolation tanks, were first developed in the 1950s to study effects of sensory deprivation.
He was exploring issues of isolation, a difference in cultures and aspects of sensory deprivation.
Citing research by Mahnke & Mahnke (1987) that it can result in sensory deprivation, the authors note, "A variety of colors is essential because an individual quickly adapts to the effects of any one color, no matter how predominant, and it becomes monotonous.
Carbon footprint by train He camped wild most nights as his mammoth task brought heat exhaustion, dehydration, a plague of earwigs, freezing conditions, dangerous drivers, vandalism and loneliness bordering on sensory deprivation.
Abuses suffered by Shaker mer in US detention include but are not limited to: beatings, lengthy interrogations, exposure to extreme cold, sensory deprivation, stress positions, white noise, sleep deprivation, long-term solitary confinement and forced feeding," says the website.
Osman, from Tufters Fold, Bailiff Bridge, was inspired to take on the gruelling 26-mile challenge to raise money for Sense, the national deafblind charity, after reading about their work and following previous fundraising for children with sensory deprivation.
Methods of torture reportedly include nail pulling, beatings, sensory deprivation and hallucinogenic drugs.
Pareja and Antonio Gil-Nagel' believe that sensory deprivation may be responsible for lucid dreaming and nightmarish dreams.
Instead, most are triggered by blindness, epilepsy, sleep disorders, emotional trauma, drug use, and sensory deprivation, and they range from the "auras" associated with migraines to intricate dramatizations involving people, animals, and sometimes monsters.
They're kind of in little sensory deprivation chambers," he said.
AROUND 30 kittens were put down after having their eyelids sewn shut for an experiment on sensory deprivation at Cardiff University.
But Hribal's book is less an account of animal abuse than it is an attempt to understand how these animals respond to years of captivity, sensory deprivation, and stress.