sensory deprivation

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a form of psychological torture inflicted by depriving the victim of all sensory input

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Mention sensory deprivation these days and, chances are, you'll get this reaction: 'Oh, like on 'Stranger Things
So I was intrigued to hear that some patients were using sensory deprivation as a way to heal.
Keywords: Amblyopia, Anisometropic, Strabismic, Sensory deprivation, Meridional.
Last, we will look at whether experimentally induced transient sensory deprivation increases neuro-plasticity loss during a sensitive phase or critical period.
in all It wasn't the actual spikelined closet that was popular in the Middle Ages, but I remember hearing how detainees in camps were subjected to a form of sensory deprivation that included keeping them in the dark and pumping crankedup death metal into their pens.
A while ago I reviewed some of the research about sensory deprivation.
Housing of prisoners in conditions that maximize social isolation and sensory deprivation .
The new results suggest that sensory deprivation could be a viable way to train adults with hearing loss to better process sounds coming from cochlear implants, the researchers said.
His lawyers argued that Ghaith answered questions in a state of disorientation, fear, isolation, fatigue and sensory deprivation and claimed his constitutional rights were violated.
Floatation tanks, also called isolation tanks, were first developed in the 1950s to study effects of sensory deprivation.
They are taunted, ridiculed, manipulated, sleep deprived, starved and subjected to sensory deprivation.
Osman, from Tufters Fold, Bailiff Bridge, was inspired to take on the gruelling 26-mile challenge to raise money for Sense, the national deafblind charity, after reading about their work and following previous fundraising for children with sensory deprivation.
Methods of torture reportedly include nail pulling, beatings, sensory deprivation and hallucinogenic drugs.
Pareja and Antonio Gil-Nagel' believe that sensory deprivation may be responsible for lucid dreaming and nightmarish dreams.
Selective attention is a highly malleable system that is both enhanced in remaining modalities following sensory deprivation, shows deficits in developmental disorders and in typically developing children from lower socioeconomic status (SES) backgrounds and that can be increased in both typically and non-typically developing children following computerized training (Stevens & Neville, 2009; Stevens, Lauinger, & Neville, 2009; Stevens, et al.