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a neuron conducting impulses inwards to the brain or spinal cord

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Each ocellus is formed by a single sensory cell and up to two or four surrounding pigmented supporting cells (Fig.
The most prominent immunoreactive cells were sensory cells aggregated at the center of each papilla, which could be readily identified by the presence of cilia on their apical surface (Fig.
In transverse section, each leaf and leaflet can be divided into 2 areas: the basal area, which consists mainly of large mucus cells and the apical area that contains a mixture of supporting cells, sensory cells, and small mucus-secreting cells having goblet appearance (Figs.
Other sensory cell types with modified ciliary tufts are the so-called balancer cells (BR) that are positioned on right and left sides of the larval body within the undifferentiated infracoronal cell region (IFC; Fig.
The afferents originating from the sensory cells located in different peripheral regions, such as the caudal and lateral foot (Fig.
Sensory cells have electron-dense cytoplasm with small vesicles of light-to-medium electron density (Fig.
When the edges of tentacles were viewed tangentially, single ciliated sensory cells were evident (Fig.
Cephalic nuchal organs are typically composed of ciliated supporting cells, bipolar primary sensory cells with cilia, unmodified epidermal cells, and retractor muscle cells in those species in which nuchal organs can be retracted (reviewed by Purschke, 1997).
Finally, the mean JD1-positive sensory cell population density did not decrease significantly after the 5-d stage, but the shape of the graph of this population over time is reminiscent of the density dy namics of the whole JD1-positive population (Figs.
The optic cushion of Asterias forbesi is particularly suitable as a model because it is known that the microvilli of the putative sensory cells within the optic cup of a congener (A.
Sensory cell axons either end near the mesoglea or bifurcate to join the nerve plexus formed by ganglion cells and their processes (Leghissa, 1965).
The taste system gives us a unique opportunity to explore how connections between taste cells and neurons are wired and preserved, in the face of random turnover of our sensory cells," Zuker said.
This resulted in what the scientists have termed inner ear "organoids," or three-dimensional structures containing sensory cells and supporting cells found in the inner ear.
Its lead programme re-creates sensory cells in the inner ear to treat chronic noise induced hearing loss, which affects over 30m people in the US alone.
Your ability to smell comes from specialized sensory cells, called olfactory sensory neurons, which are found in a small patch of tissue high inside the nose.