sensorineural hearing loss

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hearing loss due to failure of the auditory nerve

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Ophthalmologic findings in children with sensorineural hearing loss.
Moreover, the incidence of sensorineural hearing loss progressively increased with the increase in duration of chronic suppurative Otitis media.
Bilateral simultaneous sudden sensorineural hearing loss.
In a study conducted by Ashish C Agarwal et al (2015) in 40 diabetic patients, majority of the patients had bilateral sensorineural hearing loss ranging in severity from minimal to mild degree.
Keywords * Sensorineural hearing loss * Renal insufficiency * Postpartum period
The Role of HRCT in The Evaluation of Congenital Sensorineural Hearing Loss.
According to the CDC, sensorineural hearing loss is the third largest chronic disease and affects over 31m adults in the US.
Keywords: Sensorineural hearing loss, primary immunodeficiency, pediatric, selective IgA deficiency
71%) workers had sensorineural hearing loss, had a prominent notch at 4000 kHz on audiogram, confirming it to be noise induced.
Other infectious causes of congenital sensorineural hearing loss, including CMV, toxoplasmosis, herpes simplex, and syphilis, were excluded by serologic testing of infants and their mothers.
USPRwire, Mon Mar 28 2016] Global Markets Direct's, 'Acute Sensorineural Hearing Loss - Pipeline Review, H1 2016', provides an overview of the Acute Sensorineural Hearing Loss pipeline landscape.
One of the causes of sensorineural hearing loss is damage to these special cells.
A targeted cytomegalovirus screening approach that tests only newborns who do not pass their hearing test would identify the majority of those who have CMV-related sensorineural hearing loss at birth, according to data from the CMV and Hearing Multicenter Screening Study.
January 16, 2014--Cord blood bank Cord Blood Registry (CBR) announced the start of an FDA-regulated study at Florida Hospital for Children in Orlando to investigate the use of a child's stem cells from their own stored umbilical cord blood as a treatment for acquired sensorineural hearing loss.