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any device that receives a signal or stimulus (as heat or pressure or light or motion etc

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It incorporates a Texas Instruments DSP process and has a 2K linear sensor that yields up to 18,000 lines per second.
Both are fully solid state, and are integrated circuit chips with rugged construction and reliable performance, even in hostile environments, when properly packaged in a sensor housing.
In conjunction with these third parties, we continue to adapt our technology to new applications and prove once again our sensors are superior to existing sensors on today's market.
The Optocator 2201 is being enhanced with a high frequency data acquisition system that will increase the speed of the sensor to a 32 kHz sample rate and 8 kHz band width.
Plus, with digitized filtering, the sensor can ignore spikes in the ambient noise.
com/reports/c49052) has announced the addition of Frost & Sullivan's new report: World Wireless Sensors and Transmitters Markets to their offering.
The challenge for laser sensor manufacturers is to meet demands for the rubber and tire industry for longer stand-off distances without sacrificing accuracy.
Next generation modules for the wireless sensor market like the Imote2 will be especially important for applications where a high performance sensor node must be combined with low-power operation and a low duty cycle to achieve long life," said Harry Forbes, Senior Analyst, ARC Advisory Group.
Features include a Nema 4 housing, temperature compensation, 0-20 or 4-20 mA analog dewpoint output or RS232/RS485 digital communications of both dewpoint and sensor temperature, according to the company.
4 operation and the sensor nodes and base stations are certified against FCC and CE regulations for operation in most countries worldwide.
A durable, compact, heavy-duty and economical single rod vibrating level sensor is available in various configurations and uses ultrasonic piezo-ceramic technology for optimum performance, reliability and accuracy in measuring carbon black or any type of powdery or granular material under temperatures ranging from -40 [degrees] F (-40 [degrees] C) to 320 [degrees] F (160 [degrees] C), according to the company.
The sensor signal isn't usually digital to begin with.
Packaged in a rugged IP65/NEMA 4 industrial housing for maximum precision, the sensor is ideal for a multitude of applications.