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Synonyms for sensitize

make sensitive or aware

make sensitive to a drug or allergen


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make (a material) sensitive to light, often of a particular colour, by coating it with a photographic emulsion

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The purpose of this training is to sensitize the partner schools and PEF staff members about hazard free living lifestyle, concluded the spokesman.
The cyclists would also sensitize the youth of these cities about horrors of drug-addiction.
You see it's very important to sensitize audiences to the impact of climate change on our lives and unless we sensitize audiences, things are not going to change, and therefore it's very important to bring about this awareness, most importantly not only in us but also in our children," said Radhika Singh, Project Manager, British Council of Kolkata.
It's not clear how higher temperatures sensitize cells.
Health care agents will offer guidance and undertake campaigns to sensitize the whole community too, she added.
Does pharmacotherapy for preterm labor sensitize the developing brain to environmental neurotoxicants?
For its project, Taxage: prevention et resolution, which involves developing prevention workshops and an Internet site in order to sensitize adolescents to the violence created by the issue of bullying.