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Synonyms for sensitization

the state of being sensitive (as to an antigen)

(psychology) the process of becoming highly sensitive to specific events or situations (especially emotional events or situations)

rendering an organism sensitive to a serum by a series of injections

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Engineer Zamrak said, keeping in mind the sensitization of the area, ECP restore PB 12 previous position on demarcation on immediate basis otherwise tribes in the area will be indulged in enmity that already took 100 of innocent lives.
Secretary, Agriculture and Rural Development Secretariat (ARDS) of the FCTA, Nzekwe Stanley Ifeanyichukwu, while flagging off the sensitization campaign in Abaji Area Council, noted that if the scheme was successfully implemented, it would take unemployed youth off the streets and help maintain food stability in Nigeria.
Although males and non-Hispanic blacks are less likely to be exposed to multiple allergens, sensitization is more common in these groups, compared to females and other racial groups, respectively.
The allergic sensitization in infants with atopic eczema from different countries.
Data on skin sensitization potential have to be provided for all substances produced or manufactured above one ton per year under the European chemicals legislation REACH, and for classification and labelling of substances under the European CLP regulation (ECHA, 2016).
In an informal style, she discusses sensitization and syndrome basics; decreasing trigger exposure and impact; fatigue, pain, relapse, and crash; beyond crisis: advanced symptom management strategies; coping emotionally and psychologically; and longer-term symptom management, living skills, and healing.
She said the project came to a close,successfully after fulfilling the aims to encourage gender institutionalization through gender sensitization of students,faculty and non-teaching staff in public sector universities across Pakistan and mainstreaming gender in curriculum.
Understanding the changes in peanut sensitization over time is a crucial step in determining the likelihood of clinical reactivity," she said.
Hence it can be concluded that since atopic individuals are genetically predisposed therefore they are more susceptible to having multiple foods sensitization.
Asthma and allergic sensitization were related only in late childhood, with an odds ratio of 4.
The immediate sensitization reaction is also termed "type 1" or "urticaria" and the delayed reaction termed "type 4.
Findings published in Arthritis Care and Research, a journal of the American College of Rheumatology (ACR), further show OA patients who catastrophize"consumed by thoughts of pain"had increased central sensitization that was associated with greater clinical pain.
To determine individual allergen sensitization, epicutaneous skin tests were administered to each infant at approximately 1 year of age for the six inhalant [Alternaria alternata, cat hair, dog epithelium, house dust mites (Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus and D.
India is part of World Trade Organization (WTO) so customs procedures should be aligned with global trade" he said after inaugurating a sensitization programme on coordinated border management to mark International Customs Day 2015 at Chennai airport.
By inducing immune responses that prevent food allergens from entering the bloodstream, Clostridia minimize allergen exposure and prevent sensitization -- a key step in the development of food allergies.