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Synonyms for sensitivity

Synonyms for sensitivity

the capacity for or an act of responding to a stimulus

the quality or condition of being emotionally and intuitively sensitive

Synonyms for sensitivity

the ability to respond to physical stimuli or to register small physical amounts or differences

sensitivity to emotional feelings (of self and others)

the ability to respond to affective changes in your interpersonal environment

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Keywords: Contrast sensitivity, age, visual function, photopic
However these restorations encountered problems like poor wear resistance open contacts polymerization shrinkage and poor dentin marginal adaptation3; polym- erization shrinkage being the main culprit responsible for the episodes of postoperative sensitivity following posterior composite resin restorations.
The "Maternal Sensitivity Across the Lifespan and in Special Populations" section of the book includes information related to the state of the science of maternal sensitivity in infants, middle childhood, and in adolescent mothers, as well as in children in special populations.
Tooth sensitivity is the condition of a short, sharp pain experienced on consumption of hot or cold foods and liquids.
Statistical analyses of questionnaire responses showed that anxiety sensitivity, after controlling for worry and generalized anxiety symptoms in above-average worriers, significantly predicted depression symptoms.
Sensitivity is called the reference sensitivity when referring to the percentage or decibel tolerance band of frequency response specifications.
beta]-Cell sensitivity was defined as the ability of the [beta] cells to produce insulin in response to glucose, whereas insulin sensitivity is the ability of peripheral tissues to store glucose or fat in response to insulin.
This data-driven selection of optimal cutoff values is prone to bias, meaning that it can systematically lead to overestimation of the sensitivity and specificity of the test under study.
6) Many patients are reluctant to talk to dental professionals about their tooth sensitivity because they are unaware that there is treatment for their pain or they fear a more serious condition.
The researchers scored teenagers on reward sensitivity according to how they gambled in a laboratory task.
Cooking for those with multiple food sensitivities is difficult, especially since food sensitivity tends to run in families.
Through this partnership, the software will interface with workstation software for the company's line of GC/ MS instrumenting, helping laboratories to accelerate productivity and increase measurement sensitivity by untangling complex data.
Patients complaining of upper and lower airway symptoms caused by scents and chemicals have previously been shown to have increased cough sensitivity to inhaled capsaicin, but the precise mechanisms behind this reaction are unknown.
The intrinsic sensitivity of the device was determined to be 30 fT in a measurement bandwidth of 1 Hz, limited by laser noise.
7) Thus, it is reasonable to assume a level of distrust on the part of sexual minorities regarding the intentions and degree of cultural sensitivity of those who wish to study or improve the sexual health of their communities.