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Synonyms for sensitise

make sensitive to a drug or allergen


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make (a material) sensitive to light, often of a particular colour, by coating it with a photographic emulsion

make sensitive or aware

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An information campaign will be launched to sensitise the population on finance and banking services.
We are determined to continue with our programme and sensitise the citizens of tomorrow about the dire need of resource conservation along with moral & civic values.
Enthusiastic mini clubs across the country regularly undertakes rallies, street plays, cyclothons, exhibitions and batti bandhs to sensitise as many people as possible on energy conservation.
New Delhi, Oct 11 (ANI): Hundreds of sports enthusiasts took part in a run organised here on Sunday to sensitise people about the 2010 Commonwealth Games.
The aim of the launch is to sensitise the Provincial Heads of governments departments and their political heads (if possible) about the main findings of the research study and to get their commitment to facilitate the completion of the web based tool by their various heads of gender equity sections and by ensuring that the tool is forwarded back to the CGE for analysis of data and report writing of the findings.