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any device that receives a signal or stimulus (as heat or pressure or light or motion etc

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The P1A family of ceramic capacitive pressure sensors features a highly modular compact geometry and incorporates the latest generation sensing elements with state-of-the-art ASICs.
Stop chafing by checking the sensing element lines during pre-flight inspections.
The viscous or sticky materials that may adhere to the sensing element include paints and lacquers, as well as gelled fuel paste.
The sensing element is based on Kavlico's patented TiON (Titanium OxyNitride) thin film technology and has an operating pressure range of zero to 2174 psi (150 bar) with a proof pressure of 3043 psi (210 bar) and a burst pressure of 4638 psi (320 bar).
Temposonics linear position sensors can generate up to 20 simultaneous position outputs along a given sensing element, making them a cost-effective replacement for the traditional array of proximity sensors, according to the company.
With AST's Krystal Bond Technology, the sensing element offers a thick diaphragm that eliminates long-term drift which can be common in high-pressure and high-cycle applications.
Each line would function as a single sensing element, explains Sorting.
Apex, NC), "An oscillator circuit energizes a conductor pattern in the sensing probe and makes a standing wave pattern on the sensing element.
The Planar sensors feature a flat ceramic sensing element rather than a tubular ceramic design used in previous sensors.
All systems are characterised by electronics that are integrated within the sensing element (totally eliminating the traditional electronic enclosure at the top of the sensor), although separate electronics are available.
Model 6-14, is a 4-20mA pressure transmitter that employs a micro-machined silicon pressure sensing element, enabling the transmitter to deliver more accurate and stable performance in harsh industrial environments, Model 6-14's design isolates the transmitter from installation stresses, as well as operational vibration and shock.
It also uses a resolver as the sensing element, but has integral electronics and requires only three wires to output the 4 to 20 ma position signal.
The sensing element consists of two identical masses suspended by asymmetric springs to pedestals designed to minimize the mechanical and thermal stress.
Kyocera Corporation today announced that it has developed a sensing element to help monitor soot filters in diesel-engine vehicles the first ever to withstand operating temperatures above 500AC without the use of platinum.
In both cases, there is no contact between the sensing element and the small metal "target," which acts as the activator and attaches to the moving element in the assembly.