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the perception that something has occurred or some state exists


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Published as an open access journal and adding to Elsevier's Analytical Chemistry portfolio of journals, Sensing and Bio-Sensing Research will publish reviews and papers which describe important new concepts or provide important insights into the practical application, manufacture and commercialisation of bio-sensing and sensing technologies.
Market Prospects for DTS, DAS & DTSS for Well & Reservoir Monitoring, Security & Seismic Report Details Distributed fibre optic sensing (DFOS) represents an opportunity for the oil and gas industry to manage and optimise its resources more effectively going forward.
SMELL TEST Artificial-sensing systems are generally made up of a sensing array hooked to a computer.
Participants speculated that remote sensing could help fill gaps in existing exposure data and suggested a demonstration project that correlates asthma prevalence with remote-sensed measures of airborne particulates and bioallergens.
But proponents say remote sensing could dramatically reduce vehicle emissions by detecting the worst polluters - especially in the Los Angeles region, where more than 10 million cars and trucks clog the roads each day.
A unity gain, differential amplifier is provided for remote voltage sensing.
Back-EMF sensing measures the voltage across the unused winding in a typical brush-less DC motor with a three-phase, Y-stator configuration (Figure 1).
Meanwhile, Pat Oza, president of Cooling Technology, believes that direct mold-temperature sensing requires constant opening and closing of the valves and puts a strain on the system.
Stedman of course saw that the really important implications of remote sensing would be in smog policy, not energy conservation, but he relished the opportunity to pursue the project whatever the funding source.
com), the leading provider of demand sensing and inventory optimization solutions for consumer products companies, today announced that Dick Clark, associate director, demand planning for Procter & Gamble, will present results of P&G's implementation of Terra's demand sensing software in a Web seminar, sponsored by Consumer Goods Technology, on February 15 at 2 p.
Yet none of the approaches Rittmueller knew about for the automatic sizing up of car seat occupants--including weight sensing, ultrasonic scanning, and optical imaging--seemed good enough.
presented a paper at the SPE ANTEC in San Francisco last month detailing the use of noncontact infrared temperature sensing and bubble-deformation analysis as a way to predict the height of the bubble's crystallization and "freeze" lines.
Atema realized he needed to know more about the lobster's sensing equipment, the sensitivity of its receptor cells, the kinds of chemicals it responds to, and the nature of underwater odor signals themselves.
The GyroTransport features SWIPES[TM] motion sensing technology and provides the ultimate in powerful presentation effects, convenience and mobility while presenting.