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the perception that something has occurred or some state exists


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The global depth sensing market is growing rapidly, primarily due to the increasing applications in gaming applications and the rise in demand for enhanced security and surveillance systems among end-users.
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The main disadvantage of feature detection methods is that they require a much longer observation time than that taken by the energy detection method, as well as being computationally complex in comparison [5].Since the major research problem on PHY layer dealing with how to correctly and quickly detect the existence of primary users and spectrum opportunities have not been solved, it is important to design an efficient spectrum sensing algorithm so that the CR can improve the sensing performance by control the detection timing while taking the aforementioned PHY layer issues as design constraints.
An important design issue to consider is the timing of spectrum sensing. Proactive sensing can obtain spectrum information before the CR needs an idle channel at the expense of higher overhead than that by ondemand sensing [11].
Inspired by MCSC, mobile terminals configured with sensors are leveraged to accomplish spectrum sensing task.
In this paper, we propose the crowdsourcing paradigm to assign the spectrum sensing task to many mobile users.
With the development of computer science and technology, using remote sensing image computer automatic classification become land use classification of the type of dominant.
So for remote sensing image, texture directly reflects the spatial distribution of image gray mode, contains the surface information of the remote sensing image and its relationship with the surrounding environment, can a good balance of remote sensing image of the macro structure and micro structure (Yang, 2008; Li, 2012).
The Journal of Business Forecasting notes that demand sensing sorts out the flood of data in a structured way to recognize complex patterns and to separate actionable demand signals from a sea of "noise."
Small devices that translate video to mechanical stimulation, based on principles of active sensing that are common to vision and touch, could provide an intuitive, easily used sensory aid."
Blind source separation (BSS) techniques [8] are recently suggested for spectrum sensing in CR systems [8].
Most of the recent research works focus on deterministic sensing models that generally assume uniform sensing ability of a sensor in all directions.
"Remote sensing data can be used as mapping tools to classify crops and examine their health and viability, monitor farming practices, and for measuring soil moisture across wide area instead of at discrete point locations that are inherent with ground measurement.
One important task for realizing cognitive radio is spectrum sensing since the devices need to reliably detect weak ongoing(or primary) signals [4].