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Synonyms for sensibility

Synonyms for sensibility

the capacity for or an act of responding to a stimulus

the quality or condition of being emotionally and intuitively sensitive

Synonyms for sensibility

mental responsiveness and awareness

Related Words

refined sensitivity to pleasurable or painful impressions

References in classic literature ?
The face was still imperfect; but gradually, by a magic touch, intelligence and sensibility brightened through the features, with all the effect of light gleaming forth from within the solid oak.
Drowne looked at him with a visage that bore the traces of tears, but from which the light of imagination and sensibility, so recently illuminating it, had departed.
We know not how to account for the inferiority of this quaint old figure, as compared with the recorded excellence of the Oaken Lady, unless on the supposition that in every human spirit there is imagination, sensibility, creative power, genius, which, according to circumstances, may either be developed in this world, or shrouded in a mask of dulness until another state of being.
No, it was not a dream; was it--the thought was full of tremulous exultation--was it the poet's nature in me, hitherto only a troubled yearning sensibility, now manifesting itself suddenly as spontaneous creation?
But this unpleasant sensibility was fitful, and left me moments of rest, when the souls of my companions were once more shut out from me, and I felt a relief such as silence brings to wearied nerves.
Nay, I was just as jealous of my brother as before--just as much irritated by his small patronizing ways; for my pride, my diseased sensibility, were there as they had always been, and winced as inevitably under every offence as my eye winced from an intruding mote.
Their attention and wit were drawn off to his more fortunate rival; and the raillery which the other had incurred before any partiality arose, was removed when his feelings began really to call for the ridicule so justly annexed to sensibility.
says my amiable lover; 'she eats too much--her sensibility is all stomach.
In his natural system, though high-wrought and delicately refined, a sensibility to the delights of the palate was probably inherent.
Striking most disagreeably on Clifford's auditory organs and the characteristic sensibility of his nerves, it caused him to start upright out of his chair.
These tears he interpreted as a sign of gratitude, for he told me that he had always felt assured of my good sense, cleverness, and sensibility, but that hitherto he had hesitated to take this step until he should have learned precisely how I was getting on.
There is a common LGBTQ sensibility that sets us apart that I wanted to recognize and celebrate," says Atwood.
A GROUP of Warwick University students have filmed their own modern day version of classic Jane Austen novel Sense and Sensibility.
A FIRST-TIME READER of Sense and Sensibility unconcerned with historical context and prompted by cover graphics depicting the head and the heart might assume the title reflects an easy dichotomy.
The author tries to argue how epistemic sensibility as virtue sensibility can complement virtue epistemology.