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The fastest-growing leading causes of health loss for British men were diabetes, Alzheimer's disease and diseases of the sense organs, such as vision and hearing loss, which increased at rates of 65.
antennal segment, AIIIO--sensory organ of antennal segment III, PAO-- postantennal sense organ, pso--pseudocellus, psp--pseudopore, psx--parapseudocellus, VT--ventral tube, ma, mm, mp--manubrial rows a, m and p; mvo--male ventral organ, IBB--Institute of Biology Bucharest (Romania); ISEA--Institute of Systematics and Evolution of Animals (Poland).
In the journal Angewandte Chemie, a research team has described a type of micromechanical sensor with a structure derived from the sense organs of moths.
body, constituted by what passes in and out via the sense organs.
Given the same physical objects or phenomena, the sense organs of all people do not respond equally to these stimuli, nor do their minds interpret or perceive sensory signals identically.
Discuss with students that each of the five senses has a sense organ to go with it--eyes for seeing, ears for hearing, nose for smelling, skin for touching, and tongue for tasting
0 billion and 9 percent), nervous system and sense organ diseases ($63.
Under Temporal Judgment (Methods), we find that "no sense or sense organ by which time can be perceived is known, nor is it clear what information humans use to make time judgments.
Singh of Olive Bar and Kitchen, the concept aims to heighten the diner's gastronomic experience by blocking one sense organ, thus intensifying the power of other senses.
7 No prelabral microsetae; sensillum of sense organ of Ant.
3) A minute body on the surface of a sea urchin, thought to be a sense organ.
If one sense organ is defective, the other senses are more developed.
26) In other places, Aristotle makes clear that excessive sensible qualities such as a very harsh sound can destroy the sense organ.
The researchers will try to mimic the sense organ found in fish, called the lateral line, which allows the fish to detect the flow of water around it and react to it.
To reach the conclusion, Rodriguez's team took tissue from the vomeronasal organ - a pheromone-detecting sense organ found in the nasal cavity of mice, and some other mammals - and searched for genes expressing possible smell receptors.