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Presumed sense organs are not only numerous in the tegument but each species has several different types to which a variety of functions have been ascribed.
The fastest-growing leading causes of health loss for British men were diabetes, Alzheimer's disease and diseases of the sense organs, such as vision and hearing loss, which increased at rates of 65.
antennal segment, AIIIO--sensory organ of antennal segment III, PAO-- postantennal sense organ, pso--pseudocellus, psp--pseudopore, psx--parapseudocellus, VT--ventral tube, ma, mm, mp--manubrial rows a, m and p; mvo--male ventral organ, IBB--Institute of Biology Bucharest (Romania); ISEA--Institute of Systematics and Evolution of Animals (Poland).
In the journal Angewandte Chemie, a research team has described a type of micromechanical sensor with a structure derived from the sense organs of moths.
body, constituted by what passes in and out via the sense organs.
When a functioning sense organ (receptor) is stimulated, it sends a message to the brain, where the mind interprets the signal and decides what action or response (if any) needs to be initiated, such as causing a muscle to contract, a gland to secrete, or a memory to be made (National Research Council, 1996, p.
Starting from the idea that perception represents the affection of a sense organ by the exterior things, Aristotle shows how the sense organ receives the form of the object without matter and after that describes this process in terms of actuality and potentiality.
artists of language - that is, poets - are also called to develop the sense organ that language listens with, to ensure that, as the effects of environmental degradation become more evident in decades to come, it is attending at a deep level.
The ear consists of three parts: the outer ear includes the earlobe, surrounding cartilage, and the ear canal; the middle ear consists of the eardrum and three bones (the malleus, the incus, and the stapes); and the inner ear contains the cochlea (the sense organ for sound) and the semi-circular canals (the organ of balance).
Some experts believe that impairment associated with CAPD may be caused by deterioration of neurons in the pathways that transmit information from the cochlea (the sense organ in the inner ear that translates sound waves into nerve impulses) to the auditory cortex (the region of the brain responsible for making sense of sounds).
Information from each sense organ is sent to the brain, and then the brain makes "sense" of that information.
Others say a tiny sense organ in our nasal cavity - the Vomeronasal Organ (VNO) - is capable of detecting pheromones passed on unconsciously between people.
varipes (Lee and Craig 1983), both of which have the sense organ formula 4 pp, 2 cs, 2 dp, 8 and 6-8 str, 4 vv and both lack cibarial teeth.
While Sollers still enthralls his reader with a style that tends to quote from vaguely identifiable texts, to create epic lists sustaining a broad range of commentaries on international features of human culture, and to display the love of language games often involving erotic themes, the added dimension this time of the narrator's sensitivity to synesthesia, the stimulation of a sense organ causing another to respond, makes this narrative a sort of pastiche of Baudelaire's prose poems.
Normally we speak of five senses, but the list sometimes gets longer, including an interior "proprioceptive" sense, the mind as a sense organ, and perhaps telepathic or precognitive senses as well.