sense of duty

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a motivating awareness of ethical responsibility

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After what she had already heard, could she reconcile it to her sense of duty to her aunt to remain any longer in the room?
She was a very faulty and passionately human child, with no aspirations towards being an angel of the house, but she had a sense of duty and a desire to be good,--respectably, decently good.
Having satisfied my sense of duty, I turned and ran rapidly back to the corridor through which my men had passed.
To resign the one cherished purpose of my life, when I had suffered so much in pursuing it, and when I had (to all appearance) so nearly reached the realization of my hopes, was putting to a hard trial a woman's fortitude and a woman's sense of duty.
And when Gashford himself was far distant, and looked back for the last time, he was still walking to and fro, with the same measured tread; the most devoted and the blithest champion that ever maintained a post, and felt his heart lifted up with a brave sense of duty, and determination to defend it to the last.
His sense of duty might be one of the reasons people are calling for him to run for senator, and to be honest, who doesn't want a senator who always puts the people's needs before himself?
The widespread lawlessness reflects that all institutions have failed to shape the individual's civic sense of duty.
Even if we often read that police and soldiers are also allegedly involved in arms trafficking, our sense of duty urges us to keep making the call for an earnest crusade against loose firearms, especially now that we are confronted with crimes committed through their use.
I have an overall sense of pride not only in my country, but in my fellow man as well and I try to bring a sense of duty and integrity from my time in the service to all my clients and anyone else I come in contact with," Larsen said.
Whether off-duty or on, what all those who tended for Richard share is a sense of duty.
Today's police are characterised by their lack of professionalism and a waning sense of duty.
From my experience they carry out their jobs with an excellent sense of duty (and humour).
He also praised the patriotism, sense of duty and commitment of the officers and jawans of the PCG.
He added: "It is a sense of duty that should be shared by all politicians who believe we are better off working in partnership with our friends and neighbours.
She said of getting in character for her tough new action role: "The first time I put on the uniform it felt quite surreal, but then I immediately felt the sense of duty - as if I was in the military.