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66) A case example of a present sense impression is a 911
Many modern legal academics credit the legal scholar James Bradley Thayer for developing the present sense impression exception to the rule against hearsay in the Nineteenth Century.
The seminal present sense impression case vividly illustrates these circumstances.
his method of rejecting sensible intuitions and the common sense impression of empirical reality in order to hypothesize a counterintuitive, formalized model of the cosmos--involves a rejection of the basic premise on which the Copernican revolution is founded: namely, a belief in the motion of planetary objects in time.
To lay the foundation for the present sense impression exception, the proponent of a statement must show: that the declarant made the statement contemporaneously with an event or condition, that the declarant actually perceived that event or condition (although participation by the declarant is not necessary), and that the statement describes or explains the event or condition.
All our ideas are derived originally from sense impressions.
If a sense impression is a conscious rather than a physical state, it should have a conscious mode of inherence and causality, which means that there is something it is "like" to be in such a state.
I was concerned with this relation between sense perception and the intended creation of forms of art, for such forms are both a response to sense impressions and new occasions for sense impressions.
Organoleptic evaluations characterize sense impressions that include sight, smell, taste.
The Challenge prompts can lead students to create their own written products, including poems and prose compositions, to explore concepts such as rhyme scheme, sense impressions, and other literary devices.
They are also objective because they are general and universal, unconstrained by the particular realities given in sense impressions.
We should interpret the utterances of a brain in a vat in a way that mirrors the structural relationships between sense impressions and truth conditions that hold for our language.
A list of truncated memories (all of them sense impressions and yet curiously abstract, probably because they are all nearly devoid of human presence) opens the novel.
Leckey's commonplace strategies hide an unsettling riddle regarding the status of the commodity today: that it remains the same while the flimsy, unstable world around it can be dropped in and out; that it is relational, its surroundings adjusting to it while it adjusts to them; that although its context is insubstantial, the commodity is solid and becomes an anchor for a panoply of significations and sense impressions.
The way in which Conrad eschews the perceiving consciousness in favour of attention to the elusive substance of the space in which perception is stimulated offers an aesthetic in which the phenomena of subjective representation maintain an aloof independence beyond purely personal sense impressions.