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having physical sensation

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Some will argue that if an appreciable proportion of society becomes Late Sensate in many aspects of life, the society is likely to become ungovernable," Kahn warned at the time.
Updated to reflect DSM 5, this second edition contains new chapters on sensate focus, along with expanded material on assessment and sexual development across the lifespan.
The goal of this surgery is to create a sensate, aesthetically pleasing phallus that can be used both for sexual intercourse and for micturition in the standing position.
could demonstrate at 6 months to 1 year after sensate medial plantar flap transposition that the sensation of the recipient area retained the quality of the donor site, thereby surpassing the sensation of the contralateral normal heel [12].
She does this in order to tell the story, in a wider context and more coherently, of a sensate phenomenon which is still a mystery in Iran.
This is particularly the case with the concept of mindfulness, defined by Ledi Sayadaw as 'the recollection of Buddhist truths combined with the awareness of immediate sensate experience' in contrast to the practice of just 'base awareness' popularised in recent Western practices (p.
Su trabajo ha sido resenado y publicado en libros como Anthropology and Art Practice y revistas como Warscapes, Hive (Guild Gallery Mumbai), Iconos (Flacso Ecuador), Sensate, a Journal for Experiments in Critical Media Practice, Antipoda, Fototazo, Foto8 y SBH Magazine.
As late as the Renaissance, it was still possible to believe that language could enclose within its bounds the sum of human experience, at least human sensate experience.
In her words: "What did it mean to be sensate in an early modern convent?
DEAR Editor, Banning certain slaughter methods in which cows and other animals have their throats slit while still sensate is a good step.
Whatever your abilities, if you are alive and sensate, the parks will make you whole in a way manmade aids and entertainments cannot.
Bilateral neurotized anterolateral thigh (ALT) flaps were used to achieve a sensate and aesthetically acceptable result.
But the desire for goods may also be frustrated, resulting in a drive back into tradition and action based on ultimate values, which could in turn generate a head-on clash with the sensate modern societies of category 4.
views Richard Rolle as a highly sensate, somatic, affective mystic who is almost excessive in writing about his own experiences and his claim to mystical authority.
Her 14-year-old son Connor was also pictured unconscious in hospital and fighting for life this week after he collapsed while smoking legal high Sensate, bought in Southampton.