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the pilot in charge of an airship

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In the other case, Air India said that its flight safety wing was probing the incident where a daughter of a senior pilot was occupying the bunk meant for the flight crew.
The senior pilot scheduled to fly with me stopped by the desk around 1430 to discuss the "double shuttle" we'd be flying via Cecil field in Jacksonville, Fla.
As a senior pilot, dear old Sully had gotten plenty of experience before flight computers became de rigueur.
8220;When we talk about crew resource management, one of the tenets of (CRM) is making sure that a junior pilot feels comfortable challenging a senior pilot and that that senior pilot welcomes input in his cockpit and that they work together and that they are seen as a team.
The senior pilot revealed that he informed headquarters the target appeared to be a US ship, but was told to ignore the American flag and proceed with the attack.
Senior pilot Igor Nikitin said Putin had already clocked up 17 hours of hang-glider flying time in training.
Putin clocked a total of 17 hours in the air, and when he does 25 he will be able to receive a pilot certificate, senior pilot Igor Nikitin said.
In order to confirm this in Assad's case, we just need to look at the accelerating rate of defections of officers from the ranks of Assad's forces including the defection of a senior pilot -- along with his warplane -- from the Syrian Air Force, whilst four senior officers from Aleppo also defected yesterday.
The Airbus A330 jet climbed to 38,000 feet and then began a dramatic three-and-a-half minute descent, rolling from left to right, with the youngest of three pilots handing control to the second most senior pilot one minute before the crash.
Sonica Chhabra - a senior pilot with Jet Airways, for being the first Indian woman Instructor and Examiner on Boeing 737 aircraft.
The senior pilot and aircraft commander for this flight happened to be the squadron XO.
One senior pilot predicted that such a move would also prove to be a "recipe for business disaster".
The late Capt John Temple, an ex-Liverpool senior pilot, was involved in saving Brocklebank for Liverpool and was her longtime master.
A senior pilot is quoted in an email to an executive warning: "I am very concerned that the Commercial versus Safety balance in this airline is tipping in the wrong direction.
An employment tribunal in Watford heard a senior pilot had made a joke about the OJ Simpson trial in a formal presentation, calling the disgraced actor "the lying c**n".
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