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the chief steward or butler of a great household


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against Gareth echo those dished out by the seneschal in their
Louis storing tank ditches in the Seneschal Hallines- Basin BIA Tatinghem Traps - Siphon Madeleines, located on three communes (arches, longuenesse, saint-omer)- Siphon Colin Saint-Omer Fosses- Ditch the Red Fort in Arques
The story reaches the time of Elye's marriage with the sister of the king, whose seneschal he becomes.
Taking pride of place is the first-person account of Joinville, Seneschal of France, crusader, vassal, and personal friend.
Led by the chamberlain brandishing the king's sword, followed by the seneschal with the sceptre and the constable with the royal standard, they rode through the cheering city--the first Jerusalemite monarchs to be crowned in the rotunda of the Holy Sepulchre, then being rebuilt following its destruction by fire in 1009.
In the hard winter of 1946/47 I was serving on the HMS Seneschal and we were sent to Devonport to assist with a T-class boat supply power to the main electricity grid.
The brothers, who own the Daily Telegraph and London's Ritz Hotel, want radical electoral reforms on Sark and object to the hereditary posts of seigneur and seneschal remaining.
The presiding officer of the Chief Pleas, Lieutenant Colonel Reginald Guille, the Seneschal of Sark, said the changes would help bring the island's judiciary and government in line with the 21st century.
Xen: A Novel from the Future is an intriguing science fiction tale about a scientist, Pawkey Seneschal, who loathes humanity's evils so much that he unveils a means to forever rid all humanity of its hate, prejudice, and xenophobia.
Marjolein Hogenbirk examines Arthur's seneschal in the Middle Dutch Lancelot compilation, arguing that the compiler adapted his texts to make Keye's character consistent throughout.
Andrews, who referred to himself as the castle's Seneschal, would smile and tell another story.
Arthur's seneschal generally represents all that is not courtly; his sharp tongue, impetuosity, and failure at quest after quest ensure him the sort of renown that knights prefer to avoid.
Tina, of Seneschal Court in Hallwood Park, Runcorn, said Ricky was a fit and healthy lad and had not suffered any serious health problems.
The principality seneschal or stewards then used these maps to deconflict shire boundaries.