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grow old or older

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In the bean cultivar, the leaves senesce too early, resulting in a reduced source size with photosynthates primarily allocated to the fruit at the expense of the roots.
As males senesce, they cease to initiate courtship and instead avoid or act aggressive towards females (Elias, pers.
Infected soybean plants will senesce prematurely; foliage will appear chlorotic and pods fail to fill completely (Bowers and Russin, 1999).
In Pomquet Harbour, when the older cohorts senesce or die, larval supply to the bed will drastically decline.
It has been left on the ground for six weeks for the leaf to senesce and fall off the stem so that retting can take place.
While it has been demonstrated that most peatlands in Indiana senesce into red maple-dominated lowland forests (Swinehart & Parker 2000, 2001), the pathway to that end is not the same for all peatlands.
As this starts to happen, the lower leaves will begin to yellow and eventually senesce.
While skin cells normally senesce after about 60 doublings, some of the altered cells continue to have long telomeres after having divided nearly 120 times, with no sign of stopping.
If gender is considered as linked in some way to sex, although not exclusively defined by it, then although biological definitions of sex (through the identification of genitalia) may be constant throughout the life of an individual, as the bodies of individuals grow and senesce and as reproductive capacity changes, a variety of life-stages can be demarcated.
Thrips populations persist for extended periods of time before they begin to decline rapidly as plants begin to senesce about one month before harvest.
In most monoecious aroids, female flowers senesce before male flowers mature, making cross-pollination necessary.
Within a given species it is possible to predict exactly when a bud will open and how rapidly the flower will senesce.
As flowers open, mature, and senesce, fruit begins to develop below the growing stem that was formerly the inflorescence (Figure 4).
They speculated that most of the ITC release from canola root systems occurs when the large taproots, which contain most of the GSLs, senesce at crop maturity and that the ITCs released from fine roots prior to maturity are insufficient to significantly reduce inoculum levels.
In our geographical area, cedars grow in old-fields until they shade out herbaceous vegetation, and then may dominate the community until they senesce and are replaced by hardwoods.