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a composition that imitates or misrepresents somebody's style, usually in a humorous way

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Though the New York Times Book Review was at times exasperated by the students' self-important chatter and distracted by Johnson's numerous glib metaphors and similes, that critic considered the novel too sharp-edged, evocative, and affecting to dismiss as "callow hipster irony." "The most dazzling, most unsettling, most ohmy-God-listen-up novel you'll read this year" (Washington Post), Welcome to Braggsville is a superb and timely sendup of American racism, complacency, and academic liberalism.
"How do we redesign and create something while keeping it exactly the same?" Google "asks." The gag is an obvious sendup of Windows Blue, which appears to make very small changes to Windows 8.
As a side note, there wasn't a sendup for the trailer for Knute Rockne All American on YouTube.
The play is a teacher- and student-written sendup of all the medical soap operas ever performed on radio and television.
With its tongue-in-cheek sensuality and gentle sendup of the British aristocracy, the film is remembered as an early landmark in 60s' cinema, and York's unmistakable presence added to its appeal.
In Heat is, in fact, a hilarious sendup of lesbian stereotypes and the concerns in the lesbian community about trans (and oh-so-many other) issues.
Another big hit (also as writer and performer) was Radio Active (a local radio sendup), which became KYTV on screen.
A "Diff'rent Strokes" sendup paints beneficent millionaire Mr.
The one early story, "Stay, Corydon, Thou Swain," is a hilarious sendup of male erotic fantasizing, and is the only piece here to employ elements of the fantastic, which Warner explores extensively elsewhere.
Jon Stewart's spoof interview with John McCain was a worthy sendup of the whole process.
Or maybe a sendup of Malcolm X converting in prison to Allah and Islam.
Yet in this latest sendup bemoaning market forces controlling TV content, the author does, however, raise several interesting questions.
Set in the days of the dinosaurs, Patrick McDonnell's Tek: The Modern Cave Boy (Little, Brown, $15.99, 40 pages, ISBN 9780316338059, ages 4 to 7) is a winning sendup of digital addiction.
The deal is much like the one producer Lorne Michaels had last year with Larry David, whose sendup of Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders produced such gems as "Bern Your Enthusiasm," a nod to David's long-running "Curb Your Enthusiasm" on HBO.
The scenery ain't bad, but the laughs are tumbleweed-sparse in "The Ridiculous 6," a Western sendup so lazy It barely qualifies as parody.