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Synonyms for send




send for someone


send for something

send someone down


send something off

send something out: dispatch

send something out: emit

send something out: produce

Synonyms for send

to cause (something) to be conveyed to a destination

to direct or allow to leave


to direct (a person) elsewhere for help or information

to move or excite greatly

send for: to demand to appear, come, or assemble

send forth: to discharge material, as vapor or fumes, usually suddenly and violently

send up: to place officially in confinement

Synonyms for send

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a notorious spamming operation, to cease using fictitious and unregistered domain addresses to send unsolicited e-mail to AOL member addresses.
The dotted address is used because it defines, in a roundabout way, the "direction" to send data to get it to a specific machine.
In 2002 it positioned itself in the Spanish market as a strong competitor to the remittance agencies, launching a creative initiative known as multichannel transfers that allow a customer to send money not only via the bank itself by also through ATMs (using a special envelope for remittances) and by text message from a cellular phone.
A benefit of using Mail Merge to send a large number of customized e-marls is the increased security that comes from sending each message individually rather than as part of a group.
E-mail operates under an "opt-out" law, which means you can send commercial e-mails until the recipient requests that he or she receive no more e-mails from the sender.
ListProc can send group or individual messages, archive mail and provide subscription confirmation.
But most boards nowadays ensure that common area windows have guards and have the managing agents send out the notifications.
Our MessageGuard service allows customers to easily send sensitive information securely.
The suggestion that council members no longer need give other council members copies of mail they send out on city stationery has some residents up in arms.
amp; LAS VEGAS -- PayPal today introduced PayPal Mobile, a text message-based service allowing consumers in the US and Canada to send money anytime, from anywhere, using their mobile telephones.
Leticia Peregrina frequently sends money to her relatives in Mexico.
The most comprehensive study to date includes data collected during the 2005 calendar year from more than 4,000 organizations, 230,000 email sends and 2.
If the person likes it, he or she can easily choose to purchase it and the Melodeo server then sends a decryption key via the carrier's network to unlock the song, and bill the purchase to the recipient's account.
Over the Cubicle: The majority sends instant messages while at work to communicate with colleagues (70 percent), while 63 percent say they send IMs to get answers and make business decisions and 34 percent say they use instant messaging to interact with clients or customers.