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There's no plot to speak of, just a string of Mel Brooks/Leslie Nielsen send-ups thrown round the original Scream team's winning formula.
The Family Guy Star Wars send-ups are Blue Harvest (A New Hope), Something Something Something Darkside (The Empire Strikes Back) and It's A Trap (Return Of The Jedi).
Series such as Nigella Bites and a run of Forever Summer with Nigella helped make her piping hot property, but she did have to put up with some wickedly funny send-ups from Ronni Ancona.
Those far-sighted enough to have snapped up Overlook Press's 2005 re-issue of the Mortdecai Trilogy--Kyril Bonfiglioli's powerfully comedic high-octane send-ups of the bon-viveur-cum-sleuth detective story--may have hoped that this fine-tuned souffl&233; chef of an author would turn out a steak-and-the-works banquet of a book.
From the MPs' allowances scandal to the cult of celebrity chefs and the Sachsgate affair, the three - with the help of Pauline McLynn and Frances Barber - provide a selection of satirical send-ups and sketches dealing with the issues that have been in the spotlight for the past six months.
It offers "a side-splitting evening of clever send-ups and faithful tributes.
Chewing into Goode's puns, wordplay, alliterative stacking and deft send-ups, Armenante's cast is clearly having a good time.
Born in Seaton Delaval in 1926, he burst upon the literary scene with send-ups of the Bond-type characters which were taking up so much book and screen time.
An East Coaster by birth, Shock wears his Bay Area boho-hippie cred on his sleeve more than ever on Fear, sliding from his standard, piano-driven send-ups of rap scene ego-tripping ("Everything is Beautiful") to intense poetic theses on blood quantum ("Who's Clean?
took care of things in nightly send-ups, a sport that lasted for weeks.
But my send-ups got me in trouble, when I volunteered for the ATS in the 1940s for not being serious enough.
The book's showpieces are a handful of narrative satires in the first section: send-ups of academia's self-seriousness and the assumptions that underlie it.
Yes, LipService are back with (judging by the story-book set and the addition of a third actor) a bigger kitty to spend but thankfully many of the signature ingredients that have earned previous literary send-ups a devoted following.
These "unspeakable" and often very amusing writings prove amenable to classification, and readers are administered roughly equal doses of tall tales, letters, glimpses "behind the silver screen," forays in the new journalism, send-ups of "the quality lit game," and "strolls down memory lane" in the form of interviews, articles, short stories, and sundry communiques both previously published and unpublished.