send out

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Synonyms for send out

to cause or order to be taken, directed, or transmitted to another place

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Now we do six separate screens, then send out positive results for more specific identification.
For example, there's the lack of space for backup instruments, which forces us to send out tests when an analyzer goes down.
Cost projections showed us that we would spend about $6 per patient profile with our own automated instrument, compared with $6.25 to send out the tests.
More than half the surveyed hospital laboratories send out as many tests to reference labs since going on DRGs as they did before (Figure IV).
We have gone from a handful of monthly inpatient and outpatient requests for the procedure, when we used to send out the work to reference laboratories, to volumes of 50 to 60 cultures a month at 220-bed Northwest Hospital in Seattle and 80 or more a month at 230-bed General Hospital in Everett, Wash.