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Send Away The Tigers, while graced with customarily strong lyrics and mighty choruses, is the sign of a band creatively going nowhere.
It is introducing a deal on eight and 12 packs from this week, inviting consumers to send away for a serving kit.
People will no longer have to send away their passport and risk missing going on holiday, by taking the relevant documents into the Albert Street post office.
Consumers who purchase the three higher end batteries can send away for a free NFL Quarterback Club autographed football, a $34 value.
For more information, including energy-saving tips on central air conditioning, send away for ARI's free pamphlet, "How to Keep Your Cool and Save Cold Cash.
Readers are able to send away for a free "biodot," a small round circle of liquid crystal that changes color and which has been traditionally used to help individuals monitor stress levels.
Nicky explains why the new album is called Send Away The Tigers.
After various solo projects, the Welsh rockers' Send Away The Tigers is an album that is stripped down, raw and reminiscent of the early days of Generation Terrorists.
To create an authentic feel, shoppers will buy an empty box and send away for four action figures just as shoppers did for the original toys.