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It has also been decided to send around 250 trainees to the UAE for on job training and to give them handsome stipend.
Earlier this month South Korea announced that it will send around 350 troops to Afghanistan next year to support a group of civilian engineers helping with reconstruction.
Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak has rejected a request from Secretary of the Russian National Security Council Nicholas Patrushev to send around 25 armored personnel carriers (APCs) to the Palestinian Authority (PA), according to the leftist daily AS SAFIR on Monday.
Summary: Twenty-five NATO allies promised on Friday to send around 7,000 more troops to Afghanistan, backing President Barack Obama's new war strategy and reinforcing efforts to defeat the Taliban.
Johnson is planning to send around a dozen horses to Prestbury Park from his County Durham base with the likes of Red Moloney, Tidal Bay and Quwetwo possible runners for Wylie.
The headteacher took the decision to close Ysgol Gynradd Gymraeg Bargod, in Gilfach, Bargoed and send around 200 children home after rain brought a ceiling tile crashing down onto a chair where a child had been sitting.
He will add, "Of course, we won't send around the food police if someone spends part of their grant on other items they may need in pregnancy.
Well don't worry, because Channel 4 will send around the cleaners from hell - Kim and Aggie - to show you where to stick your mop.
Remember how exciting it was just to be able to send around a quick note to your workgroup?
The Royal Mail's `SmartStamp' technology means small businesses which typically send around 10 to 15 items of mail each day will be able to buy postage over the internet and print digital stamps directly on to envelopes from a desktop computer.
The caller has been telling clubs they will get exclusive representation for theartist's aftershow party if they send around pounds 5000.
Encouraged by the success of Blau Grau at Southwell last January, Proff now intends to send around ten Flat horses to be based at Hugh Collingridge's Newmarket yard between races.
The specs she gives to the employment office sound like requirements for a personals ad, but they duly send around just-paroled criminal Paul Angeli (Cassel).
The Defense Agency has decided to send around seven female members of the Self-Defense Forces (SDF) to East Timor in March to take part in the U.