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Synonyms for sempiternal

without beginning or end

Synonyms for sempiternal

having no known beginning and presumably no end

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Yes, the visual-vocal movie argot was well spoken to satisfy the sempiternal conflict between goodies and baddies, and the non-negotiable requirement by Americans that movies have happy endings.
Bring Me The Horizon - Sempiternal The Yorkshire metallers, led by Oliver Sykes, are back with Sempiternal (everlasting time).
We should wonder whether recent hooligan music scores have not become the new and most effective instrument of the 'heritage' mood of today, and should welcome further study on the aesthetic negotiations between the media's hooligan and the films' mystified "faux thug" (Neville 2011: 33) so as to balance out what could potentially determine the final, sempiternal words to be engraved in the palimpsest of 1980s British history.
What it does not have, and probably will never acquire, is that thick surface of sempiternal grease that continues to coat the seven other establishments.
The compulsive return of this vision, as a magic spectacle, produces a "solid and unchanging" notion of Englishness in the novel, momentarily restoring the otherwise fragmenting national allegories: "Repetition had become a comfort in her antiquity; the well-worn phrases, unfinished business, grandstand view, made her feel solid, unchanging, sempiternal, instead of the creature of cracks and absences she knew herself to be" (130).
More common, though, are examples of God singling out specific places where particular transgressions have occurred to stand as sempiternal signs of his universal judgment.
The Sempiternal Season: Studies in Seventeenth-Century Devotional Writing.
A major group of ancient philosophers (al-hukama) say that time is a sempiternal, necessarily self-subsistent substance jawhar azali wajib al-wujud li dhatihi) which has no essential nor existential connection with either the celestial sphere or with motion.
As Strawson had already shown, the necessary conditions for measurement of duration cannot possibly include the existence of truly sempiternal substances; but since Kant's first, 'substratum' argument is not about measurement, it is not actually open to this objection (although it is certainly open to others).
Without testament or, to resolve the metaphor, without tradition--which selects and names, which hands down and preserves, which indicates where the treasures are and what their worth is--there seems to be no willed continuity in time and hence, humanly speaking, neither past nor future, only sempiternal change of the world and the biological cycle of living creatures in it.
35) The Greek cycle of the seasons is sketched, and done with: we glimpse, beyond this fall, millennia of Fall, in which forests rise and age, their stout timber sickening and wasting, stifled by the very density of growth, their sempiternal leafage degenerating into mealy undergrowth, itself in turn the nourishment for new leaves, fresh woods: 'worlds of wanwood leafmeal lie'.
The rootedness of Christianity in the Jewish covenant and Scriptures, however, is a providential and sempiternal grounding of one relationship between man and God upon another.
But as soon as death becomes newsworthy, God had damned well better show up along with the network anchors and the producers and the camera crews and the satellite technicians and the boom mike operators, and he'd better be wearing his fabled "compassion" on his sempiternal sleeve.
To Greene, the primitive was more aware of and respectful of the sempiternal significance of human life, evil's persistence, the supernatural, tradition, and elemental faith, while also being more able to integrate life's various activities and stages.
Sacherevell Sitwell spoke of it as 'a view of sempiternal Englishness, as typical of England as the view of the Bay of Naples is of Italy'.