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not of natural origin

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Consider this treatment approach 6,7 CLASS PATIENT CRITERIA MANAGEMENT ANTIBIOTIC CHOICES 1 Afebrile and If no drainable Semisynthetic healthy; lesion abscess, give penicillin, oral nonfluctuant common first- first- or second- line antibiotic generation for SSTI; cephalosporin, reassess for macrolide, response clindamycin 2 Fluctuant or Surgical drainage Trimethoprim- pustular lesion of abscess if sulfamethoxazole, <5 cm; with or possible.
The use of semisynthetic aminoglycosides, including arbekacin, in Japanese clinical settings for >10 years may have promoted the emergence and dissemination of the 16S rRNA methylase-producing gram-negative microbes in Japan.
The other three series of metalworking fluids are Syntilo synthetic fluids, Clearedge semisynthetic fluids, and Superedge soluble-oil fluids.
Natural and semisynthetic opioids, which include the most commonly prescribed opioid pain relievers, oxycodone and hydrocodone, continue to be involved in more overdose deaths than any other opioid type.
Like apomorphine, also buprenorphine (a semisynthetic opioid derived from thebaine, naturally occurring alkaloid of Papaver somniferum, and used as substitution therapy in the treatment of opioid dependence), undergoes extensive first-pass metabolism and therefore has very low oral bioavailability (Elkader and Sproule 2005).
In another study, hyperlipidemic rabbits were fed a casein-based semisynthetic diet or semisynthetic diet plus GSE for 15 weeks.
The company, with sales and marketing operations in New Jersey, concentrates in such areas as semisynthetic penicillin, cephalosporins, ACE inhibitors, calcium channel blockers, statins, antiemetics, antiulcerants and central nervous system drugs in a variety of dosage forms, according to Frank Stiefel, vice president of sales and marketing.
Dextromethorphan is a prodrug converted to the d-isomer of levorphanol, a semisynthetic morphine derivative, which non-competitively antagonizes N-methyl-D-aspartate (NMDA) receptors, and possibly also affects serotonin receptors.
More recently, the ketolides (novel, semisynthetic, erythromycin-A derivatives) have demonstrated potent bactericidal activity against key respiratory pathogens, including Streptococcus pneumoniae, Haemophilus influenzae, Chlamydia pneumoniae, and Moraxella catarrhalis.
Bromocriptine is a semisynthetic ergot alkaloid that acts as a dopamine receptor agonist.
He adds a sulfur-containing chemical "hook" or "handle" near the binding site of what he calls semisynthetic catalytic antibodies.
A water-soluble coolant is first added to the coolant, followed by the addition of synthetic or semisynthetic coolant.
OneWorld Health recently announced that it expanded its partnership with synthetic biology innovator Amyris to include leading pharmaceutical company sanofi-aventis for the development of semisynthetic artemisinin, a key ingredient in first-line treatments for malaria, which kills over one million and infects up to half a billion people each year.