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possessing or requiring limited skills

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The sweaters are made using high-tech machinery, but semiskilled workers are needed to finish the v-necks and crew-necks on the garments.
In respect of semiskilled worker the new monthly minimum wages have been fixed at ` 8,528 instead of ` 8,008 earlier.
Far more important, Schuster succeeds nicely in describing and analyzing the growth of shipbuilding in Saint-Nazaire and the expansion of its dock facilities; and the complexity of its workforce, for example, the pivotal role of riveters in an industry made up "primarily of skilled and broadly trained semiskilled workers who moved about in the yard with a great measure of autonomy" (p.
org), a group of businesses and trade associations concerned about the shortage of semiskilled and unskilled labor.
The whole idea is to provide hands-on training in various occupations for local companies who have been identified as needing semiskilled workers,'' Crunelle said.
Yet, because of the family reunification priority, the INS continues to let in mostly unskilled or semiskilled people and the elderly.
Most migrants are relatively unskilled, so the effect of their coming here is to drive down wages for our low- paid citizens as they compete for unskilled or semiskilled jobs.
An increase in basic education will doubtless provide a growing work force of semiliterate, semiskilled workers for the subsidiaries of transnational corporations.
Neef observes: "The need for semiskilled work in well-paying, unionized jobs, at least in the United States, has all but evaporated, and despite record profits for corporations and admirable productivity gains in the manufacturing sector itself, real wages for blue-collar workers continue to plummet.
While Kennedy had received 61 percent of votes cast by white unskilled or semiskilled workers, Hubert Humphrey received only 38 percent of such votes, the remainder going to Nixon or George Wallace.
It targets people in a broad range of industries--government, education, health care, finance, Fortune 500 firms--and at all levels--skilled and semiskilled, professional and technical, managers and supervisors.
As part of the settlement, dealers now will pay mechanics a $1 per hour premium for night-shift and weekend work instead of time and a half, and may assign semiskilled workers to certain repair jobs that previously were performed only by mechanics.
The client has semiskilled personnel available to assist with the project and is very concerned about controlling engagement costs.
Tenders are invited for Enquiry for the work of 18 semiskilled labors in shift duty for valve operation and other associated works of plant of unit no 1 and 2 of ph1 at sgtps mppgcl birsinghpur
Most such school leavers in the 1958 cohort were absorbed into the unskilled and semiskilled jobs that existed at the time, whereas two-thirds of such school leavers in the 1970 cohort entered training schemes or became unemployed.