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having a form maintained by a rigid internal structure as well as by internal gas pressure

not fully rigid

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For these reasons, conservative treatment with immobilization in a halo-vest or semirigid collars has traditionally been recommended for type III fractures [1-5].
Conclusion: Despite some potential risks, semirigid ureterorenoscopic stone extraction and holmium: YAG laser lithotripters are still safe and effective treatment alternatives for management of upper ureteral stones.
Future research should be conducted among adult professional and elite players to validate the findings of this study and to better understand the ergogenic effect of semirigid ankle bracing on non-injured ankles.
This approach allows the construction of mini-airships with shapes that are difficult to implement with nonrigid or semirigid hulls.
Immediate postoperative wound dressing varied between participants from plaster cast to a semirigid dressing or wound or elastic bandage (Table).
The PUI is a kind of thermotropic liquid crystal, and after it is cured at the high temperature, there are a lot of semirigid structures existing in PUI/ER composites, which can form interpenetrating polymer networks.
The larynx and trachea are semirigid cylindrical structures in which wound healing processes tend to stenose the lumen.
The conveyor, being a steel, semirigid machine, actually lifted up with the force of water so that the conveyor jackknifed in a couple of places.
The probe is constructed by using two semirigid coaxial cables with a length of 120 mm and an outer conductor diameter of 3 mm as shown in Figure 6(a).
After performing necessary pre-surgical investigation and considering all parameters, (in mind) a decision was made for surgical removal of the mesiodens, derotation of 21 followed by a semirigid splinting for to fix the tooth.
In the Case 3, the joint is likely always had to be considered as semirigid.
Original is designed with the everyday athlete in mind, offering semirigid support and motion control for individuals who participate in a variety of physical activities.
With a broad formulation range, durometer ratings from gel to semirigid, the ability to mold in structure-enhancing features such as ribs, and additive enhancements that improve properties, TPEs offer potent material combinations for different performance needs.
The tubing is stocked in two grades flexible and semirigid.
Zhen W, Zhao-hui T, Hong-jie L, Ting-ting Z, Xu-yan L, Li-li X, et al; Semirigid thoracoscopy for undiagnosed exudative pleural effusions: a comparative study; ChinMedJ.