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a musical note having the time value of a sixteenth of a whole note

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An example of simile for depicting the playing of very light (staccato) semiquavers was described as 'trip-ping through the [tulips]'.
While Henry Cave dotted the whole of the distinctive first six bars of the B music, his father only dotted the second pair of semiquavers in bars 1, 2, and 4 of that passage.
The first motif also showed some variation, with the opening beat omitted from some phrases (such as the sixth), the motif shortened to the semiquaver figure and one long beat (as in the eighth phrase).
At the brief interlude between each chorus and the subsequent verse, the first quaver triplet in the 1912 and 1919 arrangements is replaced by a semiquaver ascent of the Aeolian scale, which is then followed by the two semiquaver triplet figures which announced the first verse.
What a contrast with the two remarkable percussionists, Martin Grubinger and Leonhard Schmidinger, eyeballing each other as they deftly dispatched every multi-coloured semiquaver with adroit synchronisation.
His superb florid semiquaver passages in true baroque style were a delight.
16) In stanza 2 'Musick' raises 'Passion' with an upward semiquaver phrase; trumpets and flutes (recorders) make their predictable appearance in stanzas 3 and 4; the violins return in stanza 5; and all instruments except the continuo (which must therefore be for organ, St Cecilia's instrument) disappear in stanza 6.
4 and HG 124), there are several specific relationships in melodic and rhythmic figurations and harmonic progressions, in particular the semiquaver scale ascending from tonic to dominant (Lotti, bars [1.
Furthermore, the coda is similar to the 'B' sections in its rhythmic density and in the semiquaver rhythmic patterns chosen.
In bar 95 Mozart elaborates the solo part with semiquaver Alberti figures in the treble.
Hughes rejects Czerny's suggestion that they be played more like demi-semiquaver and dotted semiquaver on the grounds that this '[imparts] a rhythmic irregularity which is not emulated by the phrasing of any other instrument'.
Straight to the jugular with the master's Eroica Variations - a familiar core melody giving rise to every quirk of imagination: from declamatory fugue, florid semiquaver embroideries, quasi Mozart, melodramatic left hand chords to even single solo notes being of consequence.
It might also have been useful at this point to give an advisory note on the rhythmic interpretation of the anacrustic semiquaver at those places where it is concurrent with triplet quaver motion, as in parts of the air `Arise, my fair, and come away', but this is a common issue in music of the period and, in Solomon at least, it is unlikely to cause difficulties for today's stylistically informed performers.
Peter Taylor manfully pursued his mission whilst being occasionally overwhelmed by an urgent orchestra, particularly in well-executed florid semiquaver passages.
66 Orchestral Suite in C semiquavers throughout 1069 Orchestral Suite in D semiquavers throughout 831a French Overture (C minor) semiquavers throughout 828 Partita in D (keyboard) demisemiquaver tirades 1068 Orchestral Suite in D semiquavers throughout 831 French Overture (B minor) demisemiquaver tirades; semiquavers in bar 13 only 97 In alien meinen Taten demisemiquaver tirades, semiquavers in bar 10 only 1067 Orchestral Suite in B minor demisemiquaver tirades, no semiquaver groups 988 Goldberg Variations, no.