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having some of the features of public institution

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TRIPOLI, Lebanon: The latest round of violence in Tripoli has claimed the lives of civilians, policemen and soldiers, among them a semipublic figure known to many residents of the northern city.
Yet, the LSD results obtained based on the weighted performance ratings show that p-value < a was found when making comparison of: i) the leisure & landscape services between the public and semipublic estates; ii) the security services between the private and public estates and those between the private and semi-public estates; and iii) the repair & maintenance services between all pairs of the estates.
In general, the structuring of the facades, the precise composition of volumes, the hierarchy of public and private spaces and the high quality design of semipublic areas within the individual projects mediates between the scales.
coli bacteria at four semipublic beaches on Webster Lake.
243] that a semipublic input degenerates to an unpaid factor if just a single private consumption good is produced.
The four were among seven engineering firms that rigged bids to allow subcontractors to receive tank or pipe maintenance orders from seven of Japan's eight semipublic oil stockpile companies for three years from June 1998, it said.
This report describes a study of the effects of environmental complexity on managers of semipublic organizations, in particular, school principals.
It covers central and local governments, public corporations, and semipublic enterprises that depend on the state for more than half their operating funds.
From the drive, the route leads to the timber wall that signals the move from semipublic to private areas of the garden.
EPDC), a semipublic Japanese company, said Thursday it will invest 620 million yen in a Thai power company to build a combined cycle gas power plant.
Semipublic airline Nagasaki Air Ways said Wednesday it will rename itself Oriental Air Bridge from Thursday as part of its efforts to expand business.
It featured three separate types of space: public, semipublic and private.
My recurrent thematic question is how Tudor and Stuart women came to write anything for public or semipublic circulation when they faced so many kinds of obstacles in doing so," Schleiner states in her introductory chapter.
It is semipublic and self-governing and would be considered here to be not-for-profit, somewhat similar to the original Blue Cross/Blue Shield Plans.